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What if I have a makeup dilemma that isn’t mentioned on your website?

Get in touch either email or better still give the Makeup Doctor a call she will be able to tell you directly if she can help, tailor something to you or point you in the right direction.

Why are all the consultations on a one on one basis?

Well no two faces are the same each and every persons face, skin, tastes and needs are different so to teach you what you need to know would take time and details all about you. If there is a group then you may feel that the information about the other person is irrelevant to you. We want to give you one to one attention so you get what YOU need to know.

What if I don’t know much about makeup at all?

Do not fear, we hear this all the time and it is exactly why we are here! The idea is to change that, not so you become an encyclopaedia on makeup but so that you know the things that are relevant and important to you.

 I put my makeup on everyday why would i need a lesson?

Who taught you to do makeup anyways?! Believe it or not there is a right way of applying makeup to the right places with the right product not many people realise that by doing all three of these things they can look even better than they currently do, our clinics ensure you go away with this!

Ive been going to a salon to have my brows done, why is this going to be better? 

Because Makeup Doctor is the Brow Specialist of the north, she is not a beautician she is a face and shape consultant not only does she understand the shape you need to suit your face, if it is not there she helps you get it. This service can transform your brow shape and take you through a journey to achieve the correct shape. You will see your brows in a completely different light and see the difference that Brow Transformation has from your very first appointment. You will be wondering why you have never had this before. By no means is this like any other brow service out there! Come and see for yourself!

I have a mixture of premium and non premium makeup in my makeup bag, will the doctor still be able to help me?

That is great, Makeup Doctor loves all makeup she specialises in premium makeup but that won’t stop her from being able to correctly show or advise you…. even the Doctor loves a bit of Rimmel or MUA you know 😉

Hello Gorgeous!

I know you’re here to get help with your makeup journey! Let me do just that, Pop your email below and I will send you what you need to know … it’s worth it promise!

    Makeup Doctor x