SOLD OUT – Skin Glow Kit


SOLD OUT – Skin Glow Kit


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Product Description

Understanding your skin can be tricky and sometimes its hard to decide if a skincare change is needed or a new product. Sometimes skin is affected by seasonal change which can be sorted

If you generally find your skin feels ‘out of sorts’ or it has suddenly ‘changed’ not feeling particularly smooth or if your skin is feeling:

Dull, flaky, uneven or even dehydrated? One minute skin can be at its best, makeup seems to sit smoothly and the next it just won’t ‘sit right’. Here’s a selection of items and a quick skin treat that will get skin back smoother and glowing instantly!

This kit will allow you to:

  1. Instantly improve texture of skin
  2. Remove flaky skin or dry patches
  3. Allow makeup to sit smoother
  4. Brighten skin

What’s included:

  1. liquid cleanser
  2. cream cleanser
  3. glow grains and cream mixer
  4. collagen face mask
  5. luxury serum
  6. luxury cream

Again I select some of the best things to give you not just a process to instantly pick up skin but also to try how these products work for you.


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