Pro Makeup Training

Book from individual one on one, to the group courses available. Makeup isn’t about the qualification you have its about the what the experience teaches you.

Having worked with one of the biggest Beauty Schools in Europe and Leading makeup brands and a proven track record of trainees employment within the makeup industry. We have trained all kinds of people, from Makeup Artists to Therapists to even people who have a natural talent but don’t have all the skills yet and need that helping hand. Our many trainees have gone on to work for leading brands in the Beauty industry, in media, photography , theatre and TV.

If you are looking to start a new career in the makeup industry or are already a Makeup Consultant or MUA then here is the best possible training for what you need to know. These short courses give you an insight through theory, practical and the one on one time you need to perfect your skills.

It gives you an insight on what you will need, the tips and techniques of the trade, people skills and preserving your craft and how to stand out as the best at what you do.

If you are looking for some standard “here is how you do it” “now you do it” course then this may not be for you. We pride ourselves here at Makeup Doctor in giving one to one time and honest feedback to allow you to perfect your technique and be your best!

It doesn’t just end there we also support and mentor to help you in which ever direction you choose to go in.


Basic makeup techniques

Advanced makeup techniques

Join the industry what you need to know

Availability now for September 2016.

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