Primer Kit

Thanks for ordering your Primer Kit I’ve put the best of categories together for you to try… To make the most of it i thought i would put together a little guide for you.

Your kit includes:

1 x Cream Primer – pink coloured

This is designed to brighten skin and even reduce redness of skin.

1 x Balm Primer – nude/beige coloured

This is designed to minimise appearance of pores and fine lines smoothing skin.

1 x Gel Primer – slightly clear green coloured

This is designed to control oil but also has a hydrating texture for drier skin types.

1 x Illuminating Primer – champagne coloured

This is pearlescent in finish and adds a little glow with no glitter.

1 x Comparison Primer – white coloured

This is a very basic primer and should be better than ‘no primer’ it should do a little blurring

*please place jars in the right direction (lid up) prior to use incase they have been jiggled around in transit.


Best practice:

The idea behind the kit is so that you can test the effectiveness of primer and test the difference between a cheaper and more expensive primer. Lastly it allows you to try how the different types work on your skin.

The best way to do the above is to use the same products each day when doing the testing. This includes the same cleanser, moisturiser, concealer, foundation, blusher… all makeup you use, use exactly the same products in the same way with each test. Also try to keep external factors the same when testing i.e don’t test one day in an air conditioned office, then one day at home, try to keep the environment the same too.

The following tests are a guide to getting the most from your kit:

A) have a day with no primer at all

B) have a day with the cheaper primer

C) have a day with the balm primer

Try to do A,B & C consecutively

D) then test the others on separate days

On each day look at skin after application on the first side of the face, then the full face, then after makeup application (take pictures if needed).

Then check your makeup at 12, 3 and 6pm then at the end of day before removal note down what you see (oil/ patchy/ sliding/ areas/ dry/ creasing/ pores etc). Jotting this down will help you keep track of how the primer behaves with your skin and makeup.

You can also test the primers on the back of your hand see how they make skin appear around ‘knuckles’ or areas with fine lines and look at them next to one another so you can see the finish of them. (You only need a very small amount for the ‘hand test’).


How to apply:

Take a pea sized amount (this should be enough for the full face) and apply from the nose outward and downwards.

Apply in natural light with a handheld mirror so you can hold close enough to skin to see texture and finish.

To see what affect it has on skin apply it only to one side of the face first so that you can compare to the other. Take a good look close up in the mirror.

Look at the finish and the texture of skin in comparison to the side without primer.

Once you’ve done this then apply to the second side.

Look at skin overall, before applying the rest of your makeup.


Please note:

Within each jar is enough product for 1-3 uses.

To practice best hygiene use a spatula to lift out of jar and close lid tightly to preserve product.

The jars contain the following primers, please check the individual items ingredients list if you have allergies or reactions to any of the ingredients.

  1. Pink Cream – Benfit That Gal
  2. Beige Balm – Benefit Porefessional
  3. Green Gel – Benefit Matt Rescue
  4. Champagne Cream – Becca Backlight Priming Perfector
  5. White Cream – Makeup Obsession All A Blur

*from left to right

Enjoy testing! Feel free to share your experiences with me and don’t forget if you have any questions please just ask!


The Doc x

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