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Other Makeup Clinics

We also tailor our clinics to your specific needs, you may want a party with Makeup Doctor at your home or you may have that friend who would really benefit from a little makeup insight well please see what we have for you. Even you boys may see something you like!

New To Makeup

Do you know someone who is just getting into makeup. This appointment allows them to go away and use makeup in a fun but age appropriate way. Learn the best ways to use it for you and avoid some of the initial makeup dilemmas every girl gets to get eyeliner flicks instead of panda eyes

Hectic Schedule or Corporate Package

Does your work take over your life? Are you flitting from work straight to social occasions? Well lets take your face off another list of jobs you may have! The corporate appointment styles you ready to face anyone and any meeting. You are styled to present your brand/company and your makeup routine is hacked to give you a quick and easy morning to touch up policy! We run through the shortcuts you can take and your handbag must haves!

Makeup Doctor Party

Yes you guessed it, Makeup Doctor comes along and gives you and your friends some much needed change of perspective on makeup and brows or even a glam up party before you go out! If you are looking for a bit of a girly giggle with a little fun with makeup then this IS the package for you.

How it works:

You host your party provide your wine and nibbles.

Provide an area for Makeup Doctor to set up.

We come and do either


Glam up

All members of the party get their makeup applied for your outing or occasion

One full face of makeup 45 minute session each £40 per head


Girly Gathering

All members of the party get a group tutorial their own one on one time 30 minutes with Makeup Doctor and we solve your makeup dilemmas. We teach you something you will always use.

One group tutorial and one 30 minute session each £35 per head


Girly Gathering with glitter

All members get one on one time (30 minutes) with Makeup Doctor and we solve your makeup dilemmas plus a Brow transformation each (30 minutes)

Two 30 minute sessions each £50 per head


Our Prescription for the boys!

Hate the shops? Got a lady friend who’s kinda special? A wife? Or a daughter? Struggling with what to buy them for their birthday or Christmas?? Look no further as you can now buy a Makeup Date!

Click here and choose from one of our Clinics and don’t worry if you are not sure which is right, contact us here and we will find out a little more and advise you.

We can’t make it any easier than that and even better she will LOVE her gift and LOVE you!


Hello Gorgeous!

I know you’re here to get help with your makeup journey! Let me do just that, Pop your email below and I will send you what you need to know … it’s worth it promise!

    Makeup Doctor x