In under an hour you will learn:

What to look for in the different product categories dependant on your skin and needs
What the product should do and how to find the right one
(Product recommendations are not given due to each and every one of you being unique the series does tell you what to look for and how to find it, however
if you want someone to do that work for you, you can arrange a call with Makeup Doctor so she can give you exact product recommendations, see Ask Makeup Doctor below)

Why you are doing what you are doing giving you a clear understanding to really make the changes you need
How to use the products and the easiest methods of application and what types of tools are required (if necessary)
What you may be using/doing and if change is required and how to change these habits
Each section is several minutes long allowing you to pause and have a go. Or even do a session daily/weekly.

Online means you can do this in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Save yourself some time and money and find out how you can get ‘real’ results!

If you are expecting over technical sessions then this isn’t for you it is ‘real makeup’ for ‘real women’ who want to improve their makeup and how they apply it every day.

There is no jargon or technical language it is all designed to make makeup as easy as can be!

Hello Gorgeous!

I know you’re here to get help with your makeup journey! Let me do just that, Pop your email below and I will send you what you need to know … it’s worth it promise!

    Makeup Doctor x