Rita 21 February 2022

Should I Be Using A Cream Or A Lotion With Makeup?

Its hard to decide which to go for… Some of us apply nothing under makeup others a rigorous routine but the truth is ‘too many’ products under your makeup can cause problems with your makeup like it… staying in place, skin turning oily or patchiness. 3 TYPES OF MOISTURISER When it comes to moisturiser there...
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Rita 29 October 2021

Eyeshadow Hard work? Here’s Why…

If I had a pound every time someone told me they found eyeshadow hard to do I would definitely be ‘rich’… That said there seems to be common issues that occurs. So I’m going to help you navigate the world of eyeshadow, simply… Problem 1 – my eyeshadow never ‘shows up’ you may have used...
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Rita 12 October 2021

Common Skin Complaints: Breakouts

My skin is suddenly breaking out? I know this one has us stressing out like no other. One minute skin is great and then…boom! skin breaks out. My first question is always ‘is it hormonal’? you can usually measure this by your cycle or if you start to notice a pattern in the month or...
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Rita 05 October 2021

Cheaper Or Expensive Foundation? Which Is Better?

I won’t lie this is a question I get asked so often. And in my experience people often sit in one of two camps when it comes to foundation. A) The more you spend the better it is and B) There can’t be that much difference can there? Let me give you an insight into...
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Rita 20 July 2021

Have I Been CONtoured?

The things you need to know before you decide to try it. ‘Contouring looks really complicated’ has to be one of the statements I hear the most when it comes to this topic. So let me talk about the ‘C’ word ‘Contouring’ and keep it SIMPLE! The contouring technique has always been used in makeup,...
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