20 July 2021

Have I Been CONtoured?

The things you need to know before you decide to try it. ‘Contouring looks really complicated’ has to be one of the statements I hear the most when it comes to this topic. So let me talk about the ‘C’ word ‘Contouring’ and keep it SIMPLE! The contouring technique has always been used in makeup,...
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07 April 2021

Do I Need To Wear Primer?

The Prime Question Primer is often an overlooked product, and many people will wonder if they need to wear it at all. I thought I would bring you some basics about primer that would help you decide if it is necessary for you. What is it designed for? The idea behind primer is that it...
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29 January 2021

Grumpy Skin On Your Chin?

If you are anything like me and get grumpy areas of skin from time to time, I know it can be frustrating! When I talk about this topic I am sharing a general best practice for grumpy skin or breakouts. Often, we spend time looking for miracle products and new things to ‘get rid’ of...
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14 October 2019

Why Does My Skin Keep Changing?

Throughout the year you’ll probably notice your makeup can go from sitting perfectly to looking patchy, to breaking up or moving around. Sometimes we get grumpy areas other times we can look radiant and smooth. We never really notice the pattern, but we do notice the change. So why is that? Because we focus on...
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24 September 2019

How To Clear Out Your Makeup Bag

Out With The Old In With The New Its that time of year where we get into new routines, weather changes, your wardrobe changes, and with this change comes a ‘clear out’ or ‘rotation’ of all kinds of items including makeup! I want to talk about makeup bag changes over this season as summer has...
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