Brow Transformation


This service is for anyone who says:
“My brows don’t grow”
“I over tweezed my brows once and they’re so thin”
“I have no idea what my brows should be like”


Brow Transformation, this service truly transforms your brows and face forever.

We all have brows but no one really shows us the correct shape they should be in or can really get them into it!

Well this is exactly what Makeup Doctor does. No matter how fair, how thick or how thin we can change this and show you what no one else has. If you imagine getting a traditional Brow Wax is a 10 minute job and is similar to going to the hairdressers for a trim, Brow Transformation is like having a cut, colour and complete restyle. It takes your brows on a journey to grow hair where necessary (yes even for those people who say ”my brows don’t grow”). One session will show you the results immediately but your brows will improve session by session until you can’t even remember why you were unhappy with them in the first place!

This is a the latest and most brow altering technique in the UK.

In this appointment you receive a full brow consultation taking up to 50 minutes. We talk to you all about your shape, show you the right shape for you and how to achieve that and even maintain it. You will be amazed at how your brow shape can change but also how they alter your face giving you cheekbones and even sliming your face! There is no service like it, say goodbye to the brows you once knew!

Our customers used to have other brow services, not anymore!

Brow Transformation gives you a tailored brow shape through shapeology, tinting and hair removal, giving you the face changing results you never had before. 100% of our customers can see the difference immediately after only one session. But over time you will notice your brows completely change and take shape. Peoples timescales vary here but you will see the improvement.

Thinking of making it permanent?

It’s a big step deciding if to have Semi Permanent brows with ink that can potentially last for years, especially because your face is the forefront of everything. If you’re looking for peace of mind then this may help, many of our customers also use this service when thinking about getting semi permanent brows. It gives you the knowledge and advice on if this step is really necessary, and if it is, the shape you should be getting from a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist.

6 Month Program

  • 1x Shape Consultation
  • 6x Brow sessions
  • Regrowth plan
  • Style Consultation

for £ 150.00

12 month program

  • 1x Shape Consultation
  • 12x Brow Sessions
  • Regrowth plan
  • Style consultation
  • Product Recommendation
  • Priority booking

for £ 275.00


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