About Makeup Doctor

Let the Real You Shine Through

Make up. It’s your second skin. The real you. It can make you feel superhuman, but it can also be pretty stressful. How are you supposed to keep up with all of the products out there? How do you know which ‘experts’ you can trust, or who is just trying to get a sale? That’s where Makeup Doctor comes in.
If you’re looking for a makeup artist, sales person or beauty magician, that’s not me!
But if you want a personalised one to one makeup coaching service, Makeup Doctor is for you. Through my coaching you will learn:
·         How to have your makeup work for you
·         Which of your products work and which don’t
·         How to refresh your makeup habits
·         To enhance your natural features through the application process
·         How to apply your makeup for the most beautiful you everyday
I am a makeup expert. Impartial. Unaffiliated. And I will get the best out of your makeup. Guaranteed.
I’ve always been a coach.
Training and development is my passion. It’s why I love working with people. It’s why I created Makeup Doctor. I wanted to help guide women, like you, with my experience, expertise and insider knowledge. To make you feel extraordinary everyday.
I’ve always loved make-up; I shop premium products and I’m ‘that friend’ handing out advice. So with the experience I gained working with big beauty brands and businesses, I wanted to give women like you and me a more personal experience.
To show you exactly what you need, from a place of understanding. Makeup and beauty is a powerful thing. It can take away your insecurities and replace them with pure confidence.   
You wish your make-up and beauty products did that, but they don’t.
Because of all of the adverts, average advice and pressure you are hit with on a daily basis.  I’ve trained hundreds and hundreds of people in the industry. From make-up artists to beauty beginners. And you don’t coach that many without learning what works.  I know you love make-up. It’s why you’re here. But you’re ready to level up and to master your makeup bag.  
Pretend for a moment you were taught how to wear your makeup from the very beginning.
Instead of watching mum put on her powder, lipstick and mascara a thousand times; copying the faces she pulled and the brushes she used; you really learnt what to do with it. You learnt what was right for you and your face.
Throw away the old habits, unopened products, and worn out lipsticks and learn from someone who will put your needs first.
It’s time to have your makeup bag work for you.
Are you ready?


Hello Gorgeous!

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    Makeup Doctor x