About Makeup Doctor

Hey I’m Rita, I’m a 5 foot nothing Lancashire lass, who’s mission is to challenge the beauty industry and simplify makeup for US, the regular woman!


This campaign of mine started, because once upon a time, I myself have been where you are now. You’ve tried all the products, nothing ever seems to be as amazing as the marketing says. You’ve tried the techniques from the pros, and its either not easy or it just doesn’t suit you. So maybe you’re still trying, or maybe you’re at the point where you’ve ‘given up’ and feel sceptical about it all.


The main thing you’ve probably noticed though, is that no matter what you’ve tried, your makeup has never really changed?


Over the last 20 years I have run some amazing businesses for huge brands, including quite a few beauty brands, and trained & coached beauty beginners to artists. This along with my two and a half decades of experience with makeup, I have created a SIMPLE formula that brings the understanding of products together with the customers needs IMPARTIALLY.

Sounds easy right? Because it actually is, the industry doesn’t look at makeup in this simplistic way. Say goodbye the complicated maze that is the ‘makeup world’ and save yourself all the time and hassle.


When it comes to makeup I have a few beliefs:

  1. It should be easy (anyone no matter what age should be able to ‘do it’)
  2. It shouldn’t take ages ( 5 mins is plenty)
  3. You should feel comfortable in your makeup
  4. You are unique, so what may work for one person may not for you
  5. You don’t have to feel ‘caked’ in makeup to wear makeup
  6. Cheaper makeup and more expensive makeup can sometimes do the same thing
  7. Spending this bit of time WILL save you a fortune in the long run
  8. People are always going to tell you what makeup to buy based on ’THEIR’ experience of it, not what yours will be! This shouldn’t be the case


I got tired of the ‘sales focussed’ industry, and ‘marketing’ or ‘misinformation’ thrown at us, and decided to create a service that gives us ladies ‘the beauty truthsthat simplifies makeup so that you can do it for yourself and feel confident in what you’re doing, but actually see a difference! Something that will save you all the time and money that you’ve wasted all those years!


The business was a thought back when I was on mat leave with ‘Mini Doc’. I wanted to create a ‘product recommendations’ app that any woman could navigate, the problem was that having the ‘right product’ was just a third of solving your problem.


So was born the coaching practice. I started showing women how they could wear the same products… but it look completely different. Focussing on where they put it to enhance features, change face shape and get it to look smoother. Then, on the products and tools to suit them, and make the actual ‘doing it’ simple and affect the finish of their makeup. All this tied in with the ‘common sense’ approach so that you understand why you’re doing what you are, has given my clients the confidence to apply their own makeup in less than five minutes!


Hello Gorgeous!

I know you’re here to get help with your makeup journey! Let me do just that, Pop your email below and I will send you what you need to know … it’s worth it promise!

    Makeup Doctor x