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Should I Be Using A Cream Or A Lotion With Makeup?

Its hard to decide which to go for…
Some of us apply nothing under makeup others a rigorous routine but the truth is ‘too many’ products under your makeup can cause problems with your makeup like it… staying in place, skin turning oily or patchiness.


When it comes to moisturiser there are so many out there so I’m going to break them down into 3 types.

Some are designed to trap whatever moisture you have in the skin, by creating a layer over skin, almost like a barrier. Others soften the skin cells on the surface and contain more ‘emollients’ to do this. And others actually penetrate into the dermis and give a more long term hydration.

The first two types of moisturiser are designed to ‘sit’ on the surface of the skin and unlikely to penetrate in the same way so their oils will then sit on the surface of the skin. And if you imagine when you put makeup on top of that, which also contains many oils, the products can amalgamate and instead of the makeup layers sitting on an even surface. It’s almost like they are sitting on a slippery surface which in turn means makeup will ‘move’, ‘slip’ or ‘slide’.


The thinner the ‘moisturiser’ the more likely it is to penetrate rather than ‘sit’. This is why serums are usually good at providing a deeper hydration. And this is why I would suggest a ‘lotion’ pre makeup rather than ‘cream’. Lotions always have a thinner, runnier consistency and are more of the product applied is likely to penetrate. This means it won’t affect makeup in the same way and will allow a more even surface for application.

So where should the cream go? Well, if you are someone with dry to dehydrated skin the best time to use it is in the evening so it can really soften skin cells, and any oils or residue it leaves behind, really doesn’t matter.


SPF is the only way to prevent the skin from aging

Other things to look out for in a lotion, a lightweight formula, oil free formulas and anything with an SPF. Why? Because anything lightweight won’t affect makeup. Oil free will mean it can affect makeup either or break it up. And if it has an SPF then even better, because this is the only products out there in the world that can really prevent skin from aging.

I hope this has helped you understand moisturiser and if you’re looking for more answers with makeup or your skincare, struggling with what to buy or have found you’ve been stuck in a rut and want to finally make a change get in touch. I help give real women, real results, real simple! You too can enjoy 5 minute makeup!

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