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Eyeshadow Hard work? Here’s Why…

If I had a pound every time someone told me they found eyeshadow hard to do I would definitely be ‘rich’… That said there seems to be common issues that occurs. So I’m going to help you navigate the world of eyeshadow, simply…

Problem 1 – my eyeshadow never ‘shows up’ you may have used a lovely shade in the palette but it looks a ‘totally different colour’ or it just looks transparent when you put it on.

This problem occurs because our eyelids naturally have colour to them. When your eyeshadow sits on top of these colours they show through the shadow and therefore colour doesn’t appear ‘true’.

Solution – prior to applying eyeshadow apply a layer of ‘eye primer’. This will create a layer for the eyeshadow to sit on and if it is a ‘light shade’ then the blank colour over the lid will allow the eyeshadow to ‘show up’. You can use a thin layer of concealer to show you the result you can get it almost acts as a ‘blank canvas’ to start adding shadow.

Problem 2 – My eyeshadow ‘slides off’ or eyelids go ‘oily’

This happens dues to the natural oils and moistures from skin and sometimes your products.

Solution – add a ‘priming layer’ as mentioned above this will prevent some of the oiliness. Also add several layers of shadow to prevent oils further. Lastly avoid cream shadows that include more oils.

Problem 3 – my eyeshadow just ends up everywhere. It falls onto my makeup and is difficult to remove.

This happens due to ‘fall out’ shadow from your brush falls onto your face as you are attempting to apply the shadow.

Solution – the correct brush type and fibre will prevent this. Synthetic brushes are not designed to ‘hold shadow pigment’ like a natural brush. A natural fibred brush will hold just the right amount of colour in the bristles even when you gently tap away the ‘excess product’ still allowing you to get the colour on the lid. Whereas if you tap the synthetic brush most of the colour fall off which means you need to repeatedly reapply.

Problem 4 – when I use different colours you can’t tell, they just merge into one.

The reason this happens is because colours are either too similar no being placed where required.

Solution – if you use two colours together try to use 2 contrasting shades with a contrasting texture. i.e one shimmer one matt, one champagne coloured, one brown. This way the colours have a better chance of ‘showing up next to the other shade or texture. Also using the wrong type of brush ie a blending brush sweeping eyeshadow in will make this trickier, so be sure to have brushes for placing eyeshadow on the lids and one for each type of shade you are using (light, medium, dark). Flat ‘placing’ brushes are designed to transfer shadow colour.

Problem 5 – I always end up with ‘panda eyes’ as my shadow just goes everywhere.

This happens because the correct brushes are not being used. If the brush is too big for the area in which you are applying it in the product will end up in a ‘larger area’.

Solution – use correctly sized eye brushes. The largest brush you’re going to need is approximately 8mm wide and 1cm in length and will be great to apply ‘lighter colours’ this should be your bigger brush because you don’t need to be as ‘careful’ with ‘light eyeshadow’. For the darker colours you’re going to need the smallest brush probably half that size. Because these shades you only want to put somewhere specific or don’t want it to go ‘everywhere’. Placing eyeshadow onto lids (ie patting it on) where you want the colour then blending only edges will mean that eyeshadow will stay in the area you want it to but also prevent all colours from merging into one as you’re not using a ‘sweeping’ method.

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