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Common Skin Complaints: Breakouts

My skin is suddenly breaking out?
I know this one has us stressing out like no other. One minute skin is great and then…boom! skin breaks out. My first question is always ‘is it hormonal’? you can usually measure this by your cycle or if you start to notice a pattern in the month or when using something you’re allergic to. I will also always ask are we cleansing thoroughly? are brushes clean? is everything you are using on skin in date? But then there is this other big question, ‘have you been using or tried something new?’. Yep, one sneaky new product that we haven’t used before can lead skin to be unhappy and suddenly break out!

So, here’s what to do:

  • If this breakout is from our skincare routine first asses what you cleanse/ wash with. Is it leaving a trace of the product, like ‘oil’ or ‘cream’ on the surface of the skin? That may need to be removed from skin prior to makeup application and may be building up on the surface of the skin causing breakouts. Use a liquid ‘oil free’ cleanser to assist with removal. You can also look at your other skincare items to see if they do too.
  • If this breakout is down to cleansing not being thorough enough you will be able to test this quickly. Does your towel still lift dirt from your face after cleansing? If you were to use a liquid cleanser and wipe face with a cotton pad, would it come away white? If not cleansing isn’t thorough enough. You may need to repeat cleansing or liquid cleanse after or switch to a liquid cleanser. All the dirt not being fully removed can lead to breakouts.
  • If the breakout is from items collating dirt or being unhygienic them, you will need to clean all your brushes and makeup. Wipe nozzles and packaging with wet wipe and finish wiping areas you can with alcohol spray or antibacterial spray. Wash all brushes in something simple (ideally nothing like baby shampoo or washing up liquid, as much as they can be great, they are not ideal to be transferring traces back to skin. Use antibacterial hand wash or hygienic brush cleaning soap that doesn’t leave trace or oils in brushes.

  • If the breakout is from a product, you started using or a product that is past its use by date, then the best thing to do is to stop using it immediately! This is your skin telling you it is unhappy and to stop. Keep all other products constant and only use things you have always used. You may find skin aggravated or sore and if this is the case, ensure thorough cleansing and leave skin makeup and product free. But be gentle so no ‘scrubbing’ or aggravating further. Use a cold wet flannel to sooth or cool skin if necessary and if you must wear makeup apply plenty of primer to keep other products and oils away from skin.

  • If the breakout is hormonal, I won’t lie we really can’t control this like we can the other types of breakouts. The best thing to do is to note down when break outs occur are they in sync at a certain time of the month and if it is severe and reoccurring the best thing to do is to speak to your GP.

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