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Cheaper Or Expensive Foundation? Which Is Better?

I won’t lie this is a question I get asked so often. And in my experience people often sit in one of two camps when it comes to foundation. A) The more you spend the better it is and B) There can’t be that much difference can there?

Let me give you an insight into the topic.

Like with any product even the ‘premium foundations’ can be ‘rubbish’. Equally so can self select foundations.

My theory on Foundation goes a little bit like this there with be some that are amazing that are more expensive and there will be some that work pretty well being cheaper the BUT being, it depends on ‘everything else’ that is done with the foundation.

It depends on your skin and how even/ uneven it is, how oily/ dry it is. It depends on what products you are using underneath the foundation. It depends what products you are using on top of the foundation. It depends on what type of brush you used to apply and how you applied it! As you can see the list is pretty endless.

So, to put this into context for you I’m going to use an example. We are going to compare a Loreal foundation and a YSL foundation. And we are going to use me as the test subject.

First thing you probably need to know is that I have mostly normal skin but as the seasons change, I am combination. A touch of oils in the T zone and possible dryness in the coldest months.

When I use the YSL foundation I would say I use a decent moisturiser and a ‘run of the mill’ primer (both premium) when I use my YSL foundation it gives lovely light coverage (but still cover) and I usually apply powder products on top (premium and self select).

At the end of the day I would say my makeup is still in place (and maybe a touch worn in the middle not particularly greasy but a touch of a glow).

Now if I change the primer I use up to a mattifying one I tent to find there is even less movement.

In the same scenario the Loreal foundation would end up very greasy in the middle of the face and it would look greasy and like all product that disappeared from this area.

Again, If I was to use a mattifying primer the oil would be even more ‘under control’ but there would still be a ‘greasy area on my nose.

So the thing is both foundations give a nice light coverage and have a similar consistency but the more expensive one will do better in this test because of the way it has been formulated the ingredients they have chosen for the product which all directly impact how it behaves.

This doesn’t mean all ‘expensive foundations are the best, yes usually they are formulated to last longer, but you can equally get expensive foundation that really doesn’t do its job. When it comes to cheaper foundation, they will mostly be poorer in ‘lasting power’ the odd ones will ‘behave’ more so with using the right products underneath them but wont last or wear exactly like the premium ones.

In a nutshell you generally get what you pay for! If you’re struggling to find the right foundation for you please get in touch and I can help you discover if the foundation you are using is ‘any good’ for you and if not what would work best and give you the finish you want!

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