Rita 10 May 2021

5 Tips For Makeup & Skin As We Age

If you’ve recently found yourself in the 40’s club like me then just remember life begins at 40!!

I wanted to share some pearls of wisdom around the subject. Makeup AND aging.

I often find that my clients who are hitting their late 30’s to 40’s take an interest in makeup not just because they’ve never really been given any direction before but because they want to make the most of themselves and getting ‘older’. I personally believe you’re only as old as you feel, but to know how to make the most of ourselves and how to care for our skin can never hurt!

So lets start at the beginning, here are my top 5 tips from my many years of experience that will save you time and money when it comes to makeup and skin:

  1. When it comes to makeup products. the products you will need to spend more on, are the ones you apply up to (and including) foundation. Why? Because quite honestly you can buy a ‘cheap’ blusher or ‘cheap’ eyeshadow and generally get them to work. However, there can be a bigger difference when it comes to the products that directly sit on skin. There may be the ‘odd’ product that would work just as well as a ‘cheaper alternative’ but most of the time the ‘more expensive option’ is usually better when it comes to moisturiser, primer, concealer and foundation.
  2. Invest in SPF. It does not matter how many ‘anti aging’ products you buy the only thing that will help to ‘prevent aging’ is SPF. My suggestion is to use a moisturiser that includes an SPF for ‘daily’ use but to have an SPF specific for the face (you can get oil free/ matt finish ones). The consistency is different to a body one therefor won’t ‘build up’ on skin and you’re more likely to wear it.
  3. When it comes to skincare don’t believe you need ‘everything’. Everyone is different and if you’ve never used cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and night cream it doesn’t suddenly mean you need to. Start with the basics! That means cleanse and moisturise. If you we’re using nothing before then using anything should be a start if you were using something cheap and cheerful spending a touch more on a premium product is the next step. I have to say everyone has a different skin situation but don’t feel you need to go ‘all in’ and buy everything just because you are feeling like you should because you’re ‘getting older’.
  4. Don’t just expect products to make ALL the difference. It’s a common misconception that changing the product will instantly change the way makeup looks. This is just one quarter of the whole picture. It is a combination of the product, what it is applied with, how and where it is applied and lastly what other products it is being used with. Getting that combination right is the key to amazing makeup.

5.Don’t overcomplicate things before trying the basic options first. I love this analogy, so, I’m going to share it… you wouldn’t book an appointment with the hygienist if you never brushed your teeth, would you? The same applies to makeup why head straight for a chemical peel if we’ve never even tried basic exfoliation? Treatment and surgeries can be great for some people but explore your simple options first then work your way up IF needed.

And that’s it the basics of what you should pay attention to in a nutshell!

If you want to know more or want some help to guide you in the right direction head to the Virtual Coaching or One to One Coaching where I can give you personalised help.

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