Rita 03 March 2021

Should I Double Cleanse Or Is It A Waste Of Time?

Cleanser is that product that is meant to ‘clean skin’. There are lots of different kinds of cleanser, foaming, liquid, soap, cream, oil the list goes on. I’m sure I’ve talked about types of cleanser in a previous article so I wont touch on that today. We know how tricky they can be to choose, never mind understand the latest ‘trend’ with them! The latest trend with cleansers is ‘Double Cleansing’ Let’s take a look at it:

What is Double Cleansing? This is a recent popular method of cleansing that requires you to cleanse with two different cleansers.

What is the idea behind Double Cleansing? In a nutshell, you are cleaning the skin twice so it should be free of ALL dirt.

Why is removing all dirt important? Because the cleaner the skin the smoother everything else will sit on it, therefore giving you a smoother finish with you makeup. If there aren’t any traces of other products on the skin, like ‘leftover foundation’, then it means your skincare can work ‘properly’ too. Cleansing also brings hygiene benefits which can result in less breakouts or ‘grumpy skin’.

How do I know if I have removed all the dirt? I always say, if you are using a liquid cleanser, when you wipe the face, if the pad comes out white, you have removed everything thoroughly. If you are using a cream or other type of cleanser you will know, once nothing (ie makeup or dirt) comes off on your cleansing cloth or when drying your face on your towel.

Should I Double Cleanse? Well, does your cleanser work? If so, no, you don’t need to buy another cleanser to remove dirt that isn’t there because your current cleanser can do that just fine! If it isn’t working, then repeat your cleansing process again (with your one cleanser). Maybe you just need to repeat it to get everything off the face.

Who would benefit from Double Cleansing? Someone who wears sunscreen, block or heavy makeup that is tough to remove with their usual cleanser. An oil-based cleanser will help to break down the products making them easier to remove and then the second cleanser would assist in removing the oils and remaining dirt. Or a person with very oily skin who finds it tough to remove the ‘excess oils’ in one cleanse would find it more thorough.

Final thoughts, like other ‘trends’ that occur in the beauty industry, often these can be designed to line the pockets of big brands. Who wouldn’t want to sell two products instead of one each time?! That isn’t always the case, but it is important to think about the impact of trends. This trend is said to have originated in Asia. Where women in the 14th century wore paint like bases that were tough to remove. I’m guessing this old style of cleansing was revived in their routines due to developments in cleansing oil but also because of the daily pollutants that they are commonly affected by.

We don’t use products anything like what was used back in the 14th century nor do we have the same level of pollutants so for me as long as skin is dirt and makeup free from using your current cleanser you’re just fine!

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