Rita 29 January 2021

Grumpy Skin On Your Chin?

If you are anything like me and get grumpy areas of skin from time to time, I know it can be frustrating! When I talk about this topic I am sharing a general best practice for grumpy skin or breakouts.
Often, we spend time looking for miracle products and new things to ‘get rid’ of them and overlook the simple things we can instantly do to limit the spread or flare up of them.

Here are some quick things you can try without going to too much effort:

1. Cleanse skin thoroughly! That means that if you were to wipe a wet cotton pad or a towel over the skin after cleansing it would come out white or ‘clean’.
Sometimes bacteria and makeup can remain on skin if skin is not thoroughly cleansed which can lead to breakouts or make breakouts worse.

2. Clean your tools! Anything that touches the face regularly needs cleaning. If you can imagine makeup brushes and face cloths are just bacteria breeding areas so a good clean will make all the difference. And prevent breakouts from spreading further.

3. Wear extra primer. Why on earth would you do that? Well, if you have a breakout and wear makeup many of the oils etc will be around the grumpy area. Adding extra primer or a primer will add an extra layer of protection and prevent any oils from ‘building up’ in the area and allowing it to spread.

4. Do not use anything new! That is right, adding new things that are unknown to the skin can irritate an already sensitive area.

In summary, keep skin clean, dry and try not to use anything that isn’t clean on it, i.e. Products with salicylic acid can be great for reducing the inflammation and ‘drying up the area.
Doing these things will not only avoid spreading the grumpy area but also help it to clear it quicker.

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