Rita 10 December 2019

How Do I Choose The Perfect Makeup Gift For Christmas?

There is nothing worse than looking for a gift for someone but never really being sure if they will like it let alone love it!

Here’s some of my top tips to help you get imaginative when buying ‘Makeup’ or a ‘Makeup Related’ gifts for that someone special!

Tip 1 – Listen to what she is saying, here are some scenarios…

“my skin is really dry” – its likely if it is flaky then she may need some ‘exfoliator’ or if she is just dry and already using a moisturiser, maybe she needs a serum.

“my skin is really oily” – Oil free products like ‘oil free moisturiser’ silicone-based primers and powder products instead of cream work wonders here.

“my lips are dry” – a lip cream rather than a ‘lip balm’

“my makeup keeps sliding off” – maybe she needs a decent primer or maybe her foundation is too oily. Or maybe she is naturally oily and needs to use oil control powders after makeup.

Listening to her dilemma will help you come up with a product that could help with it.

Tip 2 – Look at her, if she is the type of person that always grooms her brows…. A brow product may be a good idea. If she is someone that always wears ‘eyeshadow’ them a palette or something with glitter in is always going to be welcome, as this is the area of her face she enjoys doing. If she always wears lipstick, lip colours or a lip primer or pencil would be great. There are lots of pointers if you just look at how they currently wear makeup.

Tip 3 – Check inside her makeup bag – have a quick peek in the makeup bag and see if there are any items that are ‘running out’ that’s always a good idea for a gift. Also look for products that accompany another i.e. bronzer & highlighter, Foundation & concealer, Foundation & primer, blusher & bronzer, day cream & night cream, this way you can buy a product that already works with the items she has.

Tip 4 – Is there anything she needs to make the process of application better – this means does she have a mirror? Does she have brushes to apply products, does she have somewhere to store makeup on her dressing table? Does she have a pot for her brushes or jars to store cotton pads? All of these things come in handy.

It can be tricky choosing but if you do a little digging you will soon find you have plenty of ideas! And if in doubt just get in touch and ask!

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