Rita 24 September 2019

How To Clear Out Your Makeup Bag

Out With The Old In With The New

Its that time of year where we get into new routines, weather changes, your wardrobe changes, and with this change comes a ‘clear out’ or ‘rotation’ of all kinds of items including makeup!

I want to talk about makeup bag changes over this season as summer has ended and as we come into autumn here are some of the things to consider with your makeup bag.

Brushes – I always mention this but cleaning your brushes is a must at this time of year as brushes give you a smoother finish with your makeup but the ritual of cleaning can be reintroduced as a new habit to continue regularly. Also, the products you start using at this time of year can change allowing you to eliminate traces of the old products on your brushes.

Clearing out – go through your dressing table, makeup drawer or bag and throw out everything that has passed its sell by day. Look for the small image of a cosmetic pot with a number in and a letter M next to that number. If it says 12M and you bought that item 2 years ago you know its time to throw it out. Why? Because, the product itself may have altered and expired leaving it unable to give you the finish it should do, or it, working correctly.

Don’t hold onto it – Sometimes we have those items that were a gift, or we bought ‘ages ago’ or keep it because it was ‘expensive,’ or we think we will wear it when it is that ‘occasion’. More often, than not, that day will never come. Be realistic, if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months the chances are, you’re not going to now. Accept that maybe the item was not the right finish, colour or for you and eliminate it.

Empties – another thing I often come across is people keeping bottles and tubes of products that have pretty much ‘run out’ these just need to be replaced or thrown away. You know what I mean, just get rid!

Seasonal changes – with the weather changing to cooler, the tan fading and skin changing now is a good time to take some of your ‘lighter foundations’ i.e. that BB cream or tinted moisturiser or the very bright colours, oil controlling products or shimmer products and swap them for the fuller coverage and more autumnal shades. Keep them to one side as I’m sure you will want them again for holidays or once it is warmer again.

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