Rita 10 September 2019

Making New Habits & Keeping Them

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about habits when we should be talking about makeup? But the truth is you are not going to change anything with your makeup by simply finding out some new information.

Makeup habits are usually deep rooted and have been carried out for years and years ….

You see the odd tutorial or read about a new trick, you maybe try it once or twice, but it never sticks, that’s the problem!

You are never going to start a new habit unless you are willing to break an old one. So why on earth would you do that? Only if you see its ‘not working’! And you can only see it’s not working when…you are shown something that ‘works.’ Only now do you see the point of making a change. To make the change though, the new habit must be simple, the new habit can’t be so difficult or time consuming that you just give up after a couple of goes it must be EASY! Only now with this winning combination will you feel the need to follow and stick to the new habit.

I’m going to use a simple example for anyone who is using their hands to apply foundation. Hands seem like the simplest thing to apply foundation with BUT imagine you’re painting a wall… now imagine you use your hands to apply the paint. Now imagine what the finish looks like in comparison to another area that you’ve used a brush to apply it with. Which one looks better?

Yes, I think we all agree the wall area painted with a brush appears far more even and smoother than the area painted with hands!

With that in mind, the exact same theory applies to your face! Now you know WHY you’re doing it! (my next step would be to show you THE DIFFERENCE).

Now you want to try it yourself I would show you HOW…. In a method you can grasp easily. And once you have tried it and see that you don’t find it difficult to do you will try it again and again!

This is the process of creating a new habit…. There is more than just a decision involved. Here are my top tips on keeping new makeup habits:

  1. Put it into your routine – The new habit must fit into your new routine without too much interruption to anything else. Place the product where you are likely to apply it or where you will remember to pick it up. Make it simple for yourself, like in the example of the foundation put the foundation and brush next to one another.
  2. Practice it often – Do it every day! Sometimes practice it more than once a day so you get fast at doing it, therefore its quicker and easier!
  3. Remind yourself – show yourself the difference it has made and remind yourself why you are doing it this new way, so you see the results again.

These are tips for the initial stages of making a new makeup habit once you’ve carried them out for 21 days you’ve pretty much nailed the new habit!

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