Rita 12 August 2019

Managing Oily Skin

Summer is great isn’t it?! Nights are longer, the days are brighter, and the sun just makes us ‘feel good’. Our skin is even better and has a healthy glow to it unless of course you’ve got ‘Oily Skin’.

It’s not your fault but during the summer months your skin just naturally produces more oils than it does through the other seasons and that coupled with warmer weather just means you feel like you permanently need to blot! Don’t worry I hear you, so let me share a few insights to help:

Manage oil from skincare upwards – don’t just get something to ‘set makeup’ at the end of application, dealing with the oil from the skin upwards will manage it more effectively.

Go oil free – don’t worry that doesn’t mean avoid the chip pan it just means avoid products with oils. For example moisturisers tend to contain emollients and oils that allow skin to be hydrated. Look for the ‘Oil Free’ formulas, these can often be in a ‘gel formula’ that with give you a head start and prevent further oils from the beginning of your makeup regime!

Use a primer – if you have oily skin ‘primer’ should be your BFF! Why? Because it puts a barrier between the oils in your skin and the oils in your foundation preventing them from ‘mingling’ and developing further. Look for primers again that are silicone based as the thicker texture will minimise pores or uneven skin from breakouts not only that they can absorb excess oil too!

Matt finishes are your BFF – when choosing foundations, the more matt the finish the less oils it will contain so steer away from ‘tinted moisturisers’, ‘BB/CC creams’ and ‘dewy’ looking foundations with little coverage (these all contain more oils to give them this consistency). If you want a lighter coverage change up the application technique to give a softer coverage rather than the product itself.

Switch to powder – liquids and creams naturally have oils in them…. Switch any products where there is a powder alternative ie highlighter, blusher, bronzer so that minimum ‘oils’ are being applied to the skin.

Things to take with you – if you have all the ‘right’ products for you and you are ‘extremely oily’ then it may be an idea to then apply a touch of powder just lightly through a layer of tissue to set as too much powder can then ‘sit’ and make skin appear uneven.

Use rice paper – last, but not least take some ‘rice paper’ or ‘blotting paper’ with you when you go out …. Just in case!

You should be able to manage oils and reduce the amount produced from the makeup and skincare products you use if you want to learn more look at One to One Coaching and we can explore your individual situation.

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