Rita 22 July 2019

What Kind Of Brightening Do I Need?

Who doesn’t feel like they need a bit of brightening up? Hands up now? I know I generally feel like I do, so here are the different ways to brighten and which will work best for your needs!

So, the two different ways to brighten that we are going to discuss are through concealer or through highlighting.

Dilemma 1 – “I have uneven tone in my skin there are areas of my face that appear discoloured or darker i.e. under eyes around the nostrils, across the chin or cheeks”

You need concealer brightening!

Here’s what I mean… your skin has areas that draw the light away and you need them to appear more reflective or brighter. Don’t panic a concealer can help! The key here though, is to use a concealer that is ‘two shades lighter’ than your foundation or skin tone. Why? Because this will lighten and brighten the area.

Here’s what to do. Take the concealer and pat 3 dots with your fingertip under the eye area. Then use the flat of your finger (in a vertical position) and pat across from the inner of under the eye to the temple. Do not rub the concealer as this will diffuse its coverage. The concealer should be covering about an inch under your eye area. Repeat for further coverage. You can also use this method on any of the other areas of the face however the larger the area is ie cheeks I would recommend using a beauty sponge and just bouncing the sponge over the area to spread the concealer. Don’t worry if at this stage you feel like Casper the ghost (this is how you should look at this point) as you won’t by the time your foundation and bronzer is applied, and you can appreciate the brightening effect.

Dilemma 2 – “I have pretty even skin tone over my face, but my skin appears dull overall”

You need a highlighter to brighten!

Here’s what I mean, your skin tone is even everywhere but it just appears a little sallow overall and you need it to appear brighter everywhere. Don’t panic highlighter can help. The key is to use a highlighter that is liquid. Why? Because it can be applied everywhere and works better under foundation than a powder one.

Here’s what to do. Take the highlighter drops from the bottle and apply over the face with your foundation brush or hands like you would moisturiser. Apply most of the product on cheeks and forehead. Once there is an even thin layer covering your skin, yes you may look like a shiny disco ball but once your foundation has been applied you will notice that skin has a brightness and glow to it. Obviously the more you put on the bigger the effect.

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