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Less Is More

We’ve all heard this saying less is more and in the world of makeup ‘no makeup’ makeup is an ideal for many women…. In fact, more people prefer ‘natural makeup’ over ‘full dramatic makeup’. So, lets look at how to achieve this.

Many clients show me images of ‘natural’ makeup but in ‘real life’ this makeup is far from natural… in fact it is the opposite it has so many careful layers of application and often looks far from natural if you were to wear it yourself. Without making it that complicated here is how to have a natural base that really looks like ‘no makeup’ makeup!

How to find a lightweight base? The key to a natural makeup look is the base. The idea is that you should have some transparency from a natural base, so it has less coverage and in turn allows skin to appear ‘skin like’. The best way to check if this is going to be the case is to, swatch the base on the back of the hand, you will immediately be able to tell if there is any coverage or if it is quite transparent. The more matt the finish of the base the better the coverage is and vice versa. A lightweight base will be quite transparent, with little coverage with maybe a sheen to it.

What types of lightweight bases are there? Lightweight bases come in a few forms.

Tinted moisturiser – this is usually the lightest in terms of coverage, with a finish that tends to be dewy. They tend to be a thinner liquid or runnier consistency. These are going to be best for someone who wants a natural finish but also a glow or shine from the base. Someone with normal to drier skin will find this works well for a natural look. This will be very challenging to use for someone who has an uneven or oily skin type.

BB & CC Creams – These are usually a touch fuller in finish than the tinted moisturisers and therefor have a little more coverage. They tend to have a thicker creamier consistency. This is ideal for someone who wants a no makeup look but a touch of coverage. Someone who has combination skin or a little pigmentation or redness but wants to look natural will find this beneficial.

Lightweight foundation – It can be tricky trying to work out if foundation is lightweight. These will have a medium to light coverage, out of the three, they will have the most coverage and could have any kind of consistency dependant on the brand. This is ideal for someone who wants to feel like they are wearing makeup and has coverage but still wants it to look natural. Someone who has oily skin or particularly uneven skin and discolouration will prefer this type of base. This type of base being used for a natural look can be more challenging for a dry skin type.

How do I apply it? How you apply this type of base, along with the type chosen is also key to the result.

For the lightest coverage use a ‘split fibre brush’ and dot your product over the skin and then buff in in circular motions. This method will work with any of the above products.

Split Fibre Brush

For a fuller finish with a lightweight base, use a ‘stipple brush’ (flat top brush) with this you can move the product down the face in layers after stippling the product onto the brush from the back of the hand.

Stipple Brush

Don’t forget that which ever method you use you can always layer (ie repeat it again) and have a fuller finish.

Even if you just want to give it a try, try your existing foundation and dot a little over the face …. Swirl a split fibre brush over the skin in circular motions and you will have a more natural finish to using a sponge or classic foundation brush.

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