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How To Choose A Makeup Artist

Congratulations! you’re engaged, and now for the mammoth task of planning your special day. It seems so easy when you start out but as you get closer and closer to the date its pretty apparent that it’s not just as straightforward as you’d envisaged! Don’t worry I’ve been there just recently and can honestly remember the pain and procrastinating over all the tiny details that you promise yourself you’re not going to get hung up over!

It only makes sense then at this point to talk to you about … you guessed it, makeup! I mean, who, will you choose to do it, is it worth the money you will pay, how do you know if you are going to like it… the questions are pretty endless. And I promise you as a bride you are not alone with these thoughts and questions.

Here is a guide just for you:

Choosing a makeup artist – for this part there is 3 simple rules!

1. Feel the connection – Selecting this person to be part of your day is a pretty big thing, firstly check that you like this person to allow them to share your space on the big day. Two ensure they are amazing at communicating with you, in the initial stages they should be excited and forthcoming to work with you, if they’re not at the beginning, I can say its unlikely they will be for the day. Trust your gut instinct when it comes to this part. Ensure you get email confirmation of bookings and times etc so there are no miscommunications.

2. Always, always, always have a trial – I know lots of brides who think this is another annoying expense but I promise you it will be a bigger waste when you take all your makeup off on the day, because ‘you don’t like it’. Through the trial ensure your makeup Artist asks you lots of questions and tries to understand what you are looking for, check they are asking along the way and pre-empting things like hair/skin/lashes/tan at the time of year you will get married. If the artist is working with products you’ve never used before, ensure you see how they behave and work on your skin later in the day. Ensure you put across your ideas and that you are 100% happy with your look.

3. Be honest – makeup styles vary so much and bridal artistry is quite different to party/ evening makeup that you are seeing so much of now. Be sure to look at social profiles and other bridal images (close ups) as the official photos won’t show the ‘realness’ of the makeup as accurately (and could be edited). Look at the artists makeup and work and explain what things you like and would like to replicate from this.

As much as it is the professionals’ job to apply your makeup, note previous occasions on when you’ve had makeup applied… try to be clear on what made you feel amazing and what didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You will need to wear more makeup than you usually would, BUT you should feel comfortable and feel like yourself in it. If you don’t communicate that to your artist, no matter how much talent they have they are not going to know how to make it better.

Want to know who did my makeup? …. That would be me! The reason I didn’t pick an artist (and believe me with my years of industry experience I know what I’m looking for) I decided that nobody knows my face like I do and only I would be able to get those tiny details just how I wanted them! I do my own makeup every day, so I really understand my own face. This is exactly the case with my Coaching clients because once they understand the principles of their face, they can pretty much do anything with makeup even Bridal Makeup which many have gone on to do, these images are a couple of examples.



All of these brides were everyday makeup wearers, they we not makeup pros or even wore ‘loads’ of makeup and each have created something unique that really suits them! But if you want to find out more about that head to @makeupdoctoruk and look for Bridal Makeup Coaching. In the meantime I hope this helps you on your bridal makeup journey.  

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