Rita 14 May 2019

‘Get My Best Side’ – A Simple Guide To Selfies

We have all been there. Stand together, smile, click, flash … ‘let’s have a look at the picture’…. ‘I don’t like it’. In fact, if I got a pound every time someone said ‘lets take it again’ I would be rich!
So how is it some people always take a good picture and other just struggle? It’s simple its ‘the knowhow’ and ‘practice’. Let me share with you all the little tips to help you capture ‘your best side’.

1. Light is everything – Did you ever notice that taking a picture in a room with no light is challenging? The best light you can use for taking a picture IS natural light…. Why? Because it gives you a true reflection of the tones and colours and shows off everything evenly giving you a clear picture.
When you come to taking your picture face the light head on, i.e let the light shine directly onto the whole of your face (like if you were trying to tan evenly). The best place to stand is facing a window. Have a look through your phone at the difference of facing the light and then turning your back to the light. I know which you’re going to think looks better!

2. How symmetrical are you – If you’re anything like me and not particularly symmetrical then learning which side of your face is your ‘better side’ will help! Just so you know most people are not symmetrical this is the norm, but if you are like me, and have a significantly different profile on each side of the face turning your face at and angle to show your best side is the way forward! If you’re not sure take a picture of your face turning your face slightly right and then again slightly left, look at both pictures and you will naturally think there is a better side (unless of course you are very symmetrical). Choose this side of your face to put forward for pictures!

3. Makeup and pictures – Do you ever notice that it looks like you’re pretty much wearing no makeup on photos? Well, the camera tends to ‘see through makeup’ so layering makeup delicately and wearing more than you normally would is key to getting it to ‘show up’. You don’t have to ‘trowel it on’ though, just apply more than you would usually wear.

4. Angle it – Ever find that the phot just wasn’t taken at a great angle and you look like you have a ‘big head’ ‘double chin’ or the picture is just ‘unflattering’? Avoid these issues by always holding your camera slightly higher than the face and at a slight angle like it is looking down at you. Have a practice with your phone in selfie mode… you will notice that the certain angles give you a more sculpted chin or slimmer face.

5. Unnatural light – Certain photos will just never come out good! Really, Its not you it’s the light! Spotlights or dimly lit rooms are ones to avoid and if the light is poor you will never get a clear picture. The way to make best of this situation is to use your ‘flash’ this will give you the clearest picture. Also avoid standing with any lights in the room behind you as this will give the image a glare (light protruding from behind the focus point) or avoid spotlights directly over you, as this will give the face shadows.

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