Rita 19 April 2019

Should We Be Loving All Things Egg Shaped?…

Easter time, what’s not to love? It’s the time of year when all egg-shaped chocolates appear… it is one of my favourite times knowing Mini Eggs will be available again!

So, as it is the special ‘eggtastic’ time let’s talk about the other egg shaped object that may be sitting in your makeup bag…. Yes, your Beauty Blender. The brilliant thing about the beauty blender is that its bouncy, firm but gives a diffused airbrushed finish. All of which is exactly what we want when it comes to makeup. However not all beauty blending sponges are the same and at times can be problematic let me tell you why…

Firstly, the absorbency. What I mean by this is the beauty blender should be made of Polyurethane foam, despite there being other foams out there mimicking this type of foam (most of which will make the sponge even more challenging to work with). What that means is that these types of sponges work when wet … I know if you’re shocked, I understand why! Dampening your sponge means it has fully absorbed all the moisture and therefore it cannot absorb anymore! This means less waste for your foundation surely…. Just a couple of wee problems here though:
Its all very well dampening the sponge BUT and I put that in capitals because I know you’re not going to do this …who is going to dry it each time after use? Have a think …exactly! Why does it need drying? Ever had a damp sponge in the shower or face cloth? Ever seen the mould spores/ bacterial building in the areas when it is damp? Bearing that in mind we don’t want that transfer back to the face, do we?!

The second problem …. Cleaning them! Again, to get to the core of the sponge can be a tricky and meticulous job one that may leave you feeling like giving up and just buying a new sponge! Because of the nature of the blender being absorbent and its often left lose in your makeup its likely to collate more bacteria than your average makeup tool.
The last problem is if you’re not wetting your sponge to apply foundation it will just soak excess foundation away meaning you end up spending far more on replacing your foundation sooner.

Despite the problems there is the benefits, I’ve got to throw some pros out there don’t it!
The finish – you will get a fabulous finish with the ‘right’ type of foundation (the thicker the better for the blender so it doesn’t soak it up and leave your finish looking even but transparent.
Concealing – because concealers are usually thicker and we cover a smaller surface area than foundation, blenders can be great for diffusing and distributing concealer even sometimes giving you a better finish than using fingers.

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