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A Night With Makeup Doctor

Event: Makeup Doctor LIVE – See The Difference

June saw the first of the Makeup Doctor LIVE events. This is a ticketed event where women gather to find out how they can improve their makeup routine, what products would work for them and how to find them, in summary the ‘how to do makeup’ for the everyday makeup wearer.

The ‘why’ behind the event

Makeup Doctor wanted to create something that wasn’t just a ‘watch someone do makeup’ event she wanted to ensure everyone could ‘see the difference’ and feel engaged to take their own parts home to use and see the difference themselves.

Through the bubbles and balloons the show started with the introduction of why Makeup Doctor started. Makeup Doctor is an impartial brand when it comes to makeup and completely tailors the products recommended and the methods used to the individual. This is because Makeup Doctor believes that what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. Originally it was meant to be an app, allowing women to search the correct products for them without being ‘sold to’ by the makeup counter, blog, or advert. It was at the development stages it turned into a service.
And a few years down the line the live show…

The show

Throughout the show not only were the steps for cleanse, moisturise, prime, conceal, foundation, contour, blush and highlight revealed on the model, but they were explained by skin type, face shape or makeup needs. The principles of using the products were explained and so that people could see what difference that product should make and what they would need to do with their own makeup.

What was great, was that there were value priced products and premium price products recommended. You really get to find out what is quality regardless of price from an expert. Volunteers got to participate so the whole second half of the face was completed by the audience, so you could see how easy it was. One guest was drawn to receive ‘The Giveaway’ which was all of the products and brushes used throughout the show with a few extra treats thrown in. And if your personal questions weren’t answered they were through the meet and mingle with Makeup Doctor at the end.

What they thought

After the event
“You watch these videos on You Tube and they’re about 45 minutes long about how you need to do this step, and contouring, and you get to the end of it and have no idea what’s going on, you look like a clown because you’ve tried to copy them. But what I’ve taken from tonight is, it’s so straightforward and easy. From when she started her makeup to after you could tell the difference straight away and how different she looked” Claire

After trying what she learned
“I’ve done my makeup as demonstrated last night and even without the exact products etc I’m amazed at the difference! I might come back to you with a few questions etc but just wanted say wow and thanks” Kirsty

The Next Makeup Doctor LIVE event will take place on the 21st September, tickets are £30 (the next one being ‘All About Eyes’) see the Facebook page ‘Makeup Doctor’ or (Doctors Tips) for how to book!

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