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Concealer, Do I Need To Use It?

Concealer is one of those funny products that comes in so many colours and textures. We often presume that concealer is what we use to cover areas of skin that are grumpy or when we want to hide something. But here is the concealer low down and how to make the most of it!

Concealer can highlight the face. By this I mean it’s used to brighten certain areas or the face, like under the eyes, down the nose the upper lip and forehead. By doing this it allows there to be a contrast between foundation and concealer allowing features to be more three dimensional and areas of the face to look brighter.

When using concealer in this way, because you are spreading it over an area of skin I would recommend a thick creamy concealer consistency and pat into the skin with a sponge.

Concealer can add extra coverage. If you suffer from pink undertones or maybe have a foundation that doesn’t have the best coverage you can use concealer in a thin layer over the skin to neutralise it.

When using concealer in this way, use a concealer with a runny texture (maybe one you have to pump from a bottle and layer lightly over the cheeks or pink areas.

Concealer can cover grumpy areas. We are all susceptible to the odd blemish and when they do arise applying concealer can make them the same tone as the rest of you skin to camouflage them.

When using concealer in this way use a thick but dry concealer, maybe one in a pan and the key is lots of light layers and pat onto the area required with a finger or a concealer brush.

Concealer can lighten foundation. If you’ve lost your tan and your foundation seems a bit dark, then adding concealer to it can be a quick fix.

When using concealer in this way, add a touch of concealer to your foundation and mix (ensure your concealer is lighter than your foundation!)

Concealer can prime areas of skin. By doing this you can ensure better colour pay off with eyeshadow, it also neutralise discolouration around the eye socket.

When using concealer in this way, a liquid or cream concealer is best and patting over the eyelid will give good coverage.

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