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Make Up Doctor Live – 22nd June 2018


Makeup Doctor Live
Are you stuck in a rut with your makeup?
Find out how you can get out of it at Makeup Doctor Live.

Who is it for:
Do you try different products and things in a hope to make your makeup look different? Or better? No matter what you try it always looks the same. In fact you’ve been doing the same thing for years now….
This event is for those who don’t wear much makeup or the everyday makeup wearer who wants to know what to do, how to do it and what is going to work for you!

What is the event:
This event is the first of many giving you the what, why, how and where of makeup for the everyday makeup wearer.
Join Makeup Doctor and other women who feel the same about their makeup, as she takes you through makeup application right from the beginning, and shows you the simplest way to make a visible difference in how you look.
The way she explains makeup is in its simplest format. There is no technical methods used it is all designed for YOU the everyday makeup wearer, so that you can do your makeup in the same time just improved!

What you will learn:
✔️The fundamentals of makeup
✔️Quickest & easiest method to apply makeup
✔️What types of products do/ don’t work
✔️Where to apply dependant on your face shape
✔️Everything you need to know about skin/ base/ concealing/ bronzing/ blush/ highlighting

Bring and friend and your lovely self to this intimate group event and get the insights you’ve always been looking for!

Event Outline:
All attendees receive a drink on arrival
The chance to win the Makeup Doctor Giveaway (secret prize to help you to improve makeup, worth over £100 will go out to the winner on the evening)
Opportunity for a meet and mingle with attendees and Makeup Doctor after (this is optional)

This event is held on 22nd June 2018 7pm-9.30pm
At The Prairie Sports Village (event room)
Tickets : £30.00

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