Rita 11 March 2018

The Benefits Of Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

March, that lovely time of year where the season starts to change, we change our wardrobe around and spring clean the house. But do we ever consider doing this with our makeup bag? Here’s how and the benefits:

Step 1 – Take every item of makeup out of your makeup bag or wherever you store it and clean the storage area, or wash the makeup bag (if its machine washable). By doing this old makeup debris will be cleared away and product wont transfer onto your other products dressing table or carpet etc

Step 2 – Take each product and with some liquid cleanser and a cotton pad wipe all the areas on the outside of the product. Then take lids of and wipe nozzles and nibs of foundation bottles, concealers, pencils, eyeliners and mascaras. With powder items repeat the same for the outside. Then open the product and tap the edge of it over some tissue, then wipe carefully around the edges of the compact or palette so that it all looks clean and there is no powder dust around the edges. This will again prevent product transfer but also get rid of excess product that can hold bacteria from everyday use.

Step 3 – Take each product if you use it regularly and put it back into your makeup bag. For items you never use and never will throw them away. And for items you will use again but not regularly put them in another storage bag or box and store, so they are accessible. By doing this you will prevent all the makeup from getting tatty and broken in the makeup bag and this also helps everyday to find what you need immediately.

Step 4 – Take each item and check the sell by date (which is a picture of a small open jar with a number on, either on the reverse of the product or underneath). The sell by dates are usually relevant from opening the product and can be 6 months to 24 months. If you know it has passed its sell by, discard it. The product will not have the same properties so won’t sit as smooth or may clump go oily or dry out. The active ingredients can expire (ie SPF) and not work. Or the ingredients can break down and this can damage skin leading to inflammation and contact dermatitis. Lastly the product can hold bacteria so its always wise to ‘throw out the old’.

Step 5 – Take every brush and sponge and wash them. These items hold the most bacteria, which we don’t want to transfer back to the face. A little warm water and anti-bacterial hand wash will do the trick!

Happy spring cleaning!

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