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It’s Pretty, I Must Need It!

How much does a products appearance impact your decision to buy it?
Us women can be quite similar to those little birds…magpies. We just can’t resist things that look pretty and girly or shiny and sparkly. But how much does how something is packaged, really affect our decision to buy it. If you suffer from ‘magpie syndrome’ read on…
In my past experiences packaging influenced me ‘a lot’. Meandering through the beauty halls I used to always take a detour around the pretty little displays and often enough, something in a cute packaged compact or a shiny new ‘limited edition’ product would catch my eye. It wouldn’t take much persuasion from the sales assistant at all before It would be wrapped and in a little bag in my hand. More often than not these purchases were impulsive and about ‘treating myself’ even though I already had a lipstick in that shade or the quality wasn’t as good as comparative product.
How to combat this:
·         Take a walk – yes before you get sucked into the purchase walk away and if you are still thinking about the product at the end of your shopping trip or the next day then go back for it. More often than not, I wouldn’t go back!
If I wasn’t meandering through the beauty hall I was online, and it was funny how quickly I could get sucked into ‘branding’ I could just trawl through a feed on Facebook and easily see something that looks pretty, and I like the branding and logo, and before I know it I’m on their site and its in my shopping basket!
How to combat this:
·         Seem as though you are already online you can look for comparable products and measure value etc against this. It also gives you time to read reviews and see what you currently have in your makeup ‘collection’. Again, I would leave it in the shopping basket and go back the next day see if you still ‘really want it’ then.
I would also find myself watching something on the TV and said celebrity would be holding a certain product or I could see it was on their dressing table or them endorsing it on an advert… of course this naturally (if I liked that celebrity) made me want to purchase and before I knew it the next time I was online or in the shops, you guessed it, I would buy it!
How to combat this:
·         Stop watching TV!! Only joking. Again, I would do my research and see if I even needed that product in my makeup routine. If I thought I did… I would at least go out and try the product. But, to be honest, my desire to purchase it never lasted that long!
Save yourself some unnecessary beauty purchases, that just end up in a drawer unused anyway. And keep that money for products that are going to make a difference and work for you. It’s difficult not to be influenced but if the first step you make before getting the debit card out is, stop and wait you’ll soon change the habit.

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