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Is A Skincare Change Really necessary?

It’s January we’ve over indulged the weather is miserable and our plan is to be this new sparkly person by the time 2018 is over. Sound familiar?

You’ve probably considered a new skincare regime, to hydrate yourself, or maybe improve the effort you make with your appearance. And at this time of year, our skin can be difficult to manage. Let me make these changes simple!

If you’ve ever looked at your diet and how you decide when to eat, you can apply similar, to your skin. Do you always eat at every meal opportunity or do we sometime miss a meal or don’t feel hungry? Do you eat the very same thing every day?

No, we don’t make the same choices with our food everyday, because things change. The same will apply to skin. When it changes, we need to be ready to adapt to that change instead of constantly doing the same thing.

In winter you will notice the signs ‘skin looking flaky in places’ or ‘feeling dry/tight’

Yes, that’s completely normal the constant change of temperature inside to outside and the artificial heating can leave your skin feeling like this. Things to change:

Avoid cleansers that you use with water this can make skin feel even tighter… use a liquid cleanser with cotton pads, as you will also need to be more thorough to remove makeup around the uneven flaky areas of skin.

If you already use a daily moisturiser maybe add in a richer night cream or thick cream to repair and hydrate skin overnight. The drier the skin the more frequently you will need to do this.

If skin is feeling just a little dry then up the daily dosage of moisturiser in the morning or better still, (because our hands can also be dry at this time of year), use a makeup brush to apply the moisturiser so the hydration isn’t lost on your hands.

When your skin changes you need to make a change, listen to what it is telling you. And as it starts to improve slowly revert to your original routine.

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