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Surely All Makeup Advice Is Good Advice, Right?!

As a young girl I grew up wanting to wear makeup not because I needed to, but because I wanted to. I related it to something that you could do when you were ‘old enough’ it made me feel ‘grown up’. My first experience was with my mums’ makeup and by 14-15 I started to wear it to go out. I started to buy my own makeup and well the next 10 years I just kind of did the same thing. I picked up so many tips along the way and was influence by so many people to buy different products, but it was so rare that these things actually worked for me! Looking back, I made so many mistakes along the way so thought I would share a couple with you.


Mistake One: Follow this tutorial…

The tutorial you’ve watched so intently looks so simple. As much as we can see exactly what they are doing, when we attempt to copy we always come out looking so different. This can be because we can see ‘the how’ and ‘the what’ but ‘the where’ and ‘the why’ are not presented to us, so the whole thing is not in context. The product recommended may not be right for us, the techniques may be quite ‘technical’ and our features and face shape may be completely different and therefor difficult to just copy. The tools and products used, may be different to the ones you have, so can sometimes be difficult to recreate the same thing. It’s like watching an Artist paint a picture they can show you how they did it and what they used but your tools and basic skills may not allow you to do the same.

Mistake Two: This product will make that happen…

We’ve all been to the shops and been sucked into buying something that we were never sure about or because we want to ‘treat ourselves’. We’ve even bought things that we’ve taken home and turned out to be the wrong thing or wrong colour. We trust the people selling these items to us but what we never think about is do they really know us? Do they know anything about our skin? How we want to look? The finish we had in mind? What that product will sit like on you? The Beauty Assistant is doing her job which is to sell said items by the brand she works for to achieve her goal. But we let this advice influence our purchases. It’s like going to buy a TV, you have the choice of LG, Samsung and Sony, but only one of the reps is there to tell you about that particular brand of TV, so you buy that one!

There are so many ways that we are influenced about makeup advice, which is great. But wouldn’t it be good to know enough to get best result the first time, rather than having to go through years of collating less suitable products and methods.

My Coaching Clients realise that with ‘advice made for them’ they can alter their appearance instantaneously! They learn the HOW WHY and WHAT for them which is very different from spontaneous advice, which all makes sense at the time but really doesn’t have longevity. The bonus for my clients is they only have to do the hard work or learning and changing once, because after this they are their ‘Own Expert’.

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