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Party Looks Made Simple

All those festive parties will soon be upon us and the invites are coming in thick and fast. You haven’t even decided what you’re going to wear let alone given makeup a thought.

If you are the ‘I’ll just do the same as I always do with my makeup’ kind of girl; then this is for you makeup tricks for the party look made simple!

I’m going to show you simple party eyes, lips and how to add a bit of something extra!

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something glittery with eyes? Well I’m going to show you.

Step 1 Prime your eyes by patting eye primer or concealer (the lighter this shade the better your eyeshadow will show up) all over the lid with your finger. You’ll need plenty over the lid and then a little above your socket line pressed in up to the brow.

Step 2 Get a dark coloured eyeshadow (yes really dark) dark brown, plum or grey and use a small eyeshadow brush to pat into the product and then pat over the eyelid to the socket line. Repeat this a few times to intensify the colour.

Step 3 Use a fluffy blending brush and sweep the tip across the socket line half of the bristles on the colour half on the skin and sweep backwards and forwards in a semi-circle (don’t forget to keep the brush clean in-between every few sweeps by rubbing the tips in tissue).

Step 4 Use a small smudge brush to sweep the same dark colour under the bottom lash line (this will open the eyes) and again blend.

Step 5 Add some black Kohl pencil to the bottom water line to frame the eyes and finish off with your mascara.

Et Voila a smouldering Smokey party eye look!

Bonus step If you want to add a bit of party glitz use a glitter shadow, press, and rub your finger into it and pat over the dark colour to add a little twinkle!

Face chart and brushes Face chart and products used

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear ‘what a lovely smile you have’? Here’s a few lip tricks:

Step 1 Find a lip liner that is the same tone or a little darker than your lipstick and line the lips. The trick is to start at the middle (press on gently) and make little dashes/strokes towards the corners.

Step 2 Apply your lipstick but only use the edge of the product up to the lip line and tray a bold colour for once! A deep plum or red something that’s very wintery and festive or just something you would normally go for to make them stand out.

Step 3 Get your concealer brush with the excess or the tiniest bit of concealer on and reverse line a good centimetre around the corner of the lips this will add definition of the shape.

Step 4 Use a highlighter and graze over your cupids bow with your finger (as close to lip line) to make the upper lip look fuller.

And the icing on the cake finish your party look, shine bright like a diamond:

Step 1 Use your highlighter and just dust gently over the cheekbone and browbone in a V shape. For extra glow down the nose and dust the middle of the forehead. This will just give you a glow and twinkle that’s certainly an upgrade from the daily routine!

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