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Is My Daughters’ Makeup Bag Better Than Mine?

When I was younger (I’m talking early teens) all I ever wanted was to be older, be grown up and look older. But back in that time, the most influence you had on how to look, was your friends and good old magazines.

Now the world is a different place. No longer are girls influenced just by the above, but also celebrities, social media, and the desire to look a certain way has never been so great.

I personally am a strong believer in two things when it comes to the younger generation and makeup. One they shouldn’t look more than a couple of years older with a bit of makeup on. And two, they should be making the most of their youthful skin and not masking their faces.

I want to take you through my experience of how you can help your daughter in making the right makeup choices.

Firstly, is her makeup bag better (more premium) than yours? Have you noticed she has MAC lipsticks, urban decay foundation and NARS blusher all the latest and best quality brands out there? And you’ve been shopping Bourjois and Rimmel?

‘Just because its designer or premium doesn’t mean it’s best’ How to help, find out her why, why does she feel that’s the best lipstick or where has she seen it? Generally, it is on a person on Instagram, or her friend mentioned using it or some celeb has endorsed it which is fine but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one. Get her to do some research, online or in the shops, get her to compare other brands to the premium ones like NYX, Too Faced, Rimmel and see how good or more than adequate the quality is.

Second, have you noticed her eyebrows growing in thickness, looking more ‘blocked in’ and foundation looking very heavy or orange in colour?

‘just because the vlogger on You Tube does that doesn’t mean it’s right for you’ the most common place for our young ones to learn things about makeup is now on a video on You Tube. The person presenting the video can be anyone, a makeup amateur, makeup artist, vlogger, celeb literally anyone and I think the one thing that we don’t consider here is that it may look fine behind the camera but in ‘real life’ a whole different story. This whole style of makeup isn’t predominantly worn by the likes of the rich and famous you don’t see J Lo with white under her brows, block brows, heavy foundation, and extreme lashes. When I work with young girls its always the case that they didn’t know there was a different way. And their understanding is that this is how everyone ‘should’ wear it. Show them otherwise.

Lastly, have you noticed the increasing length of time it takes her to ‘get ready’?

Girls are impressionable of course if they see someone using a technique they want to replicate it to look similar. But more often, than not, this person showing them is not knowledgeable about her needs skin or face. Ninety percent of the younger girls I work with have products that don’t work for them, tools that they have no idea why they have them and are using techniques that are just so complex that the same result can be achieved in less than half the time. There are ways to simplify and do what they want to achieve in a more natural way. Challenge them to do the same look but in half the time, naturally they will start to take small shortcuts and speed it up get them to take a selfie and look at what the difference is on camera, proof! This I will be sharing more about in the Online Coaching series designed to let you get the information you need on makeup but allow you to choose what is right and relevant to you!

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