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Morning Makeup Routine Too Long?

So, you have all these great intentions and when it gets to the morning you realise you just don’t have enough time! Everything once again feels rushed and instead of walking out of your house feeling like a Yummy Mummy, you feel somewhat exhausted from what you’ve just experienced!

I want to help, and share the top tips from my clients in saving time and making getting ready in the morning a little easier:

Skip it For those of you that need to shave a few minutes from mirror time, a few of my clients have admitted they will skip the complex eye look and just prime them or do a quick and simple one colour eye look, it still looks great but just much quicker to do.

Do it later One of my clients who tends to be short of time does everything with her makeup apart from mascara and lipstick. She leaves that for when she gets to work and applies it in the car before she goes off to start the day.

Practice Ever heard the saying practice makes perfect? Well it does, lots of my clients say it would take an excess of 20 minutes to apply makeup with their new improved method but once they had changed their habits and mastered their techniques it only took the same time as it did before! As they start to practice it can take half this time but still doing a thorough job.

The right tools for the job Some of clients can’t believe how by having the correct brush or sponge or technique they can apply their products much quicker and correctly. An example here was for foundation as soon as they realise how much smoother it would sit with the correct brush they ditched using their hands or the thick bristled brush they had! This made everything much quicker!

Don’t be distracted we all know that if you keep pulling away from a task then it takes longer than if you were to do it all at once! So, make sure the doors not about to go, children are entertained. I have one client who gets her little one involved giving her cotton pads to pretend she is doing something and brushes etc (nothing she’s going to need though!)











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