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We all know how gorgeous these celebrities look whether it be on the red carpet or just in their day to day life and nowadays with all the new-fangled makeup techniques and cosmetic surgeries it’s really difficult to know where to start with our makeup.

Every girl kind of wants to look as contoured as Kim Kardashian, as fresh faced and youthful as J Lo yet as natural as Kate Middleton! So how do they do it? what is their secret?

Apart from having the best possible exposure to the team of people that’s sole job it is to groom them, they all have makeup artists. This is not exactly the kind of Makeup Artist that you are going to find at your local salon or at a counter in the beauty hall! This is a Makeup Artist with a difference, with a completely different set of skills who understands makeup at a very different level.

I had the pleasure of seeing a well-known (mainly for their stunning looks on the Kardashian family) Makeup Artist in action. And I wanted to give you the insight on what these girls experience with their Makeup Artist.

Prep, the prep of the skin seems a pretty obvious step but 15- 20 minutes of time can be given to skin prep (if not more, before they start) it’s almost like the skin is receiving a facial prior to the application.

Base, if you’ve ever had your makeup done and you’ve literally been sat there for 40 – 60 minutes for the entire thing. After this time, in this persons chair you wouldn’t even have your base, highlighting and contouring completed. In this stage, they carefully apply layer upon layer of concealer, foundation, powders, bronzer there is no miracle products that you’ve never heard of here, it’s just that each layer is pressed upon each layer and resulting in nearly 2 hours of application and skin looking absolutely amazing!

Eyes and lips, these come next and there is again nothing that is ultimately different to what you’re experiencing but I will say that it is so much more natural in style, no harsh lines, no heavy lashes, no over highlighting.

Overall the look can take a minimum of 3 hours. It looks amazing and is nothing like the makeup heavy Instagram looks we are seeing in fact this style seems quite frowned upon by people in the industry. It seems natural is favoured, and the time spent is completely justified for what is being created. But could we sit there for that long?!

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