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Flutter Those Lashes

Lashes, we’ve all got them some of us just have more than others but it is definitely a topic that comes up time and time again with my clients. How do I make them fuller? How can I make them have more curl? How can I make them longer? Are just some of the questions I get. So, let me break it down into small sections and help you with your lash dilemma!

“My Lashes are long but very straight So you want some curl, something that will lift lashes and make eyes appear more open. Here are the options…

The mascara, yes it does make a difference as the stiffer the consistency of the mascara the more likely it is to hold the lashes where you want but equally the wand you use can really make a difference. A mascara wand with a curve so that when you coat the top lashes it really pushes your lashes up, especially the middle ones. (image)

Eyelash curler, one of these can also assist to give some curl and lift and are relatively cheap to buy, heating them gives even better results.

Treatments, there is a great treatment you can have that literally curls lashes its called LVL it affects the roots of the lashes with a serum and allows them to appear curled (it also lasts up to 8 weeks) so great if you don’t want to be doing something with them everyday.

“I hardly have any lashes” People who usually say this have had some semi-permanent lashes attached to their natural lashes or eyelash extensions which are glued to the natural lash at the root, the only thing is that over time the bond from the glue can wear heavy and eventually pull the natural lash out completely making lashes very sparse. If this is the case or you just naturally don’t have many lashes other options here could be…

Use strip lashes that stick above the lash line and are removable, if you’re only bothered about having long lashes when you go out then this is a great option.

Treatment to increase hair growth is another and there are products available like Rapid lash or Revitalash that improve the hair around the lashes if used consistently.

“My lashes are really short” this one is a common one and of course there are options like the lash extensions but be really aware of and asses how your lashes react to them if you choose to try them. However there are other options…

Lash fibre products that have fibres that attach to the lash with the mascara/gel used with it this can be good for lengthening but also thickening.

The other option and this can make all the difference is what mascara you use, you may need to find something that really lengthens and attaches to the ends of your lashes, mascaras like Benefit, They’re Real, Too Faced, Better Than Sex and Dior, Iconinc are great ones to try. The technique also used with short lashes is important ensuring you coat the upper side of the top lashes and the underneath of the top lashes extending the wand out further than where the end of the lashes are so that product builds at the tips.

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