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Does going on holiday become a real chore when it comes to your makeup or are you one of the ill just not wear any and make it easy kind of girls?

Going on holiday has never been so easy but organising what you will take is probably a bit more challenging. With all the rules for if you’re just using hand luggage the less than a 100ml rule can be a bit tricky, and then the question of is it going in the clear bag or can I pack it, question, can test even the best of us!

Here is a couple of top tips to keeping things simple:

·         Decant, we all decant the obvious shampoo, conditioner and shower gels but be sure to collect all the tiny mini bottles and jars that you can refill all year round or those pots that you get samples in at the beauty hall and decant makeup remover and foundation and primer too. Instant space saver.

·         Choose powder, well that’s easy isn’t it? But not if you have cream highlighter, cream blusher or cream eyeshadow. It’s simple make the smart choice of getting a powder version, easier to apply and a complete space saver in your clear bag as powders can just be packed normally.

·         Save the samples, every sample you collate through the year collect and pull these out when needed for the holidays instantly saving you taking the full size version.

·         Buy the minis, most deodorant, hairspray and toothpaste come in miniature format but did you know that with certain brands you can buy the mini versions so that again saves taking your full sized ones. the other way to obtain these deluxe sized products is usually in gift sets and around Christmas time, collect them and save for the holidays!

Holiday clear bag small

You’ve booked it, you’ve packed your makeup now it’s time to get gone!

Happy holidays!!

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