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It was in your makeup bag all along?

When we see a new makeup technique or look, us girls tend to head straight to the shops to buy something that has the label that it does just that, not realising that we probably already have something in our makeup bags that will do just that. I thought I would share a few of the common things us girls want to try when it comes to makeup and what we already have in our makeup bags to do them.

1.       Contouring …. No contour kits required you will find that a concealer (two shades lighter than your foundation) a foundation and a bronzer (matt and at least two shades darker than your foundation) will do just that! Not only that the quality of the finish will be so much better as you are not using the common cream product used in these kits that tend to be more difficult to apply and uneven but you probably already have these items in your makeup bag!

2.       Priming eyes … you’ve heard that priming your eyes will keep your eyeshadow on. You’ll also find that a concealer will also do the trick just pat it all over the eyelid as a base for your eyeshadow. Not only will you get a better colour payoff as the light colour of the concealer will neutralise the colour of your eyelids so that any colour you put on will be more visible and vibrant put it will also provide a base so that the eyeshadow doesn’t move. (see image below) 

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3.        Highlighting our cheekbones … well this one’s simple everyone usually has some eyeshadow kit that has some light colours in that you can use for highlighting. Just look out that it has a smooth consistency and isn’t too glittery and there you have it a readymade highlighter.

4.       Brow definition … We all want a bit of a defined brow at times and if you have no brow products there is a couple of things you can do that are quick and easy. If you have a brown liner in your makeup bag that could give you a little definition but instead of ‘colouring them in’ try to add hair strokes for a natural finish. Or if you have sparser areas a bit of brown eyeshadow placed with a small brush just in the sparser areas will give them a bit of definition. (see header images)

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