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Why it’s YOU that should own your own beauty

It seems today opinions and endorsement surround us to sell beauty products. I mean it’s the oldest trick in the book …. Get a pretty girl, who has great features and skin and get her to wear your product because everyone will think it makes you look like that.

But nowadays it’s so much more you can’t look at anyone who has any glimmer of limelight without them trying to influence the people who like them. It’s scary really as they are a walking advertisement and the regular people have no idea.

Lots of beauty brands used to just get a celebrity to pose on an advert for them but nowadays big brands know that if they get a celebrity name on a collection or a range made “in conjunction” with it will SELL especially if the celebrity is an A lister. 

Think about it has that celebrity suddenly changed career path and learned the art of making makeup??? It’s unlikely, it is more likely they are informed by a manager that endorsement/advertising makes financial sense and that the can have some “input” into the range…. Fundamentally the products are still the same level of quality and use as the other ones that that brand makes but they may decide to make some “limited edition shades” that gives you a sense of urgency to buy it.

Scenario two …. If “said celebrity wears it then I should” come on girls… since when has someone saying they use something meant you should

I mean did your mum never say to you as a child “well if they all jumped off the cliff, would you?” you are finding yourself being sold by the “sheep mentality sales pitch” This method means that said celebrity will act like they use the product and imply they think it’s amazing. The two things to consider here are they are more than likely being paid to do just that and if they are not being paid its more than likely they get the product for free and are asked to say something nice about it.  But the second thing about this is just because its right for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for you!

Ladies we can get better at informing and learning about what works for us we are not identical to that Celebrity we like and nor are we identical to our friends, sisters, mother, colleagues and all the other women out the who say, “I use this” “this is really good” “you should try…” they don’t know you. If you want impartial advice it rarely exists.

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