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The expensive makeup versus the cheaper makeup, which one?

Have you ever wondered if the more expensive makeup products are worth it or are the cheaper ones just as good?

You take a trip shopping for some new makeup and stumble upon all kinds of things, the counters are great as you get some interaction with someone and feel you’ve been more advised, and then there is the makeup aisles where you find the cheaper (mass market products). Trying to shop for a new highlighter or blusher or foundation can be so confusing…

Which one should I go for?

Your head says well if I pay more money for it then surely this will be better quality, right? Or I always use X so maybe I’ll just get one from there….

These are the things we usually think before buying something new but how do you know which is better the more expensive one or the cheaper one?

Well the truth is you don’t! you need to test it. Some products that are mass market are just as good in quality as the premium ones so it’s worth doing your research, if you want to be a little thrifty…

Ways to check and things to consider:

·         Test the products against each other on your arm. For example, if you’re looking for a blusher test the product with your finger and swatch on your arm do the same with a similar colour in the mass market aisle and see which is more visible. The one which looks more visible will be a better quality.

·         Do the same with concealers or foundation swatch on the back of the hand see which lasts longer, the one that becomes transparent quicker is the poorer quality.

·         If you are just comparing two try it on the face and try the other on the other side of the face and decide which looks better and sits better.

·         Take your makeup with you to test it versus what you currently use that way you will be able to make a direct comparison if it is better in quality or worse than you are currently using.

·         Look at the weight or amount of fluid versus the price and check that you are making a direct comparison.


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