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Beauty tips you will NEVER use

Eyebrows starting where your tear ducts are – this was something that seemed to come about in the 80s and people were starting brows where their tear duct started.

Why you shouldn’t do this, your eyebrows should naturally start from the small dimple of where your nostril begins… Why? Well firstly it allows your face to look proportionate starting at the tear duct or any further out just widens the face. It also widens the nose area as your eye is attracted to where your brows start and draws your eyes down the face.

The bronzer applied all over the face – us ladies love this just get the biggest brush and whack as much bronzer as possible everywhere!

Why you shouldn’t do this, bronzer is designed to, warm, shade and contour your face to enhance all your features (not to just make us look brown, sorry!). By making everything look one shade it adds no dimensions to the face so cheekbones and features appear flat and face shape remains the same.

Mascara only needs to go on the top lashes – most of us just out of ease just pop mascara on the top lashes and completely forget about the bottom ones, its easily done!

Why you shouldn’t do this, missing mascara on the bottom lashes means that your eyes appear smaller. The black on the bottom lashes acts as a line stretching the eyes open visually. Without this there is no defining line around them so they can merge into the rest of your face rather than framing the eyes from the black that acts like a line around them.

You don’t need a lipliner just pop your lip colour on with your lipstick – Well that’s kind of right as its easier?!

Why you shouldn’t do this, a lip liner creates a defined line for the outer edges of your lips, that creates a defined area for you to colour in within which then shows off your lip shape rather than the edges looking smudgy or uneven or even bleeding into the skin from your lipstick.

See feature image of before and after showing the above.

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