13 December 2016

Why do i always end up with the wrong shade of foundation?

Your search for the perfect foundation has never ended, you’ve tried so many and no matter how many times you state what kind of shade you are wanting, it always ends up too light or too dark! How to avoid this….

We all know that our skin tone can be warmer in the summer and when the tan fades we become cooler in the winter.

Does that mean I need two foundations? No not necessarily, if you are someone who uses bronzer to warm and contour, using your winter shade all year round can be fine as you get a better contrast and definition. If you just use foundation and no bronze, it would be better to get your foundation a shade warmer than your winter colour. That way you are slightly warmer in winter and similar if not slightly cooler to your natural shade in summer.

How to shop the colour you want. Firstly, take your current foundation, the shade you are unhappy with shopping with you. Swatch it on the back of your hand and then compare the other shades you are looking at too it. If your original shade is too dark you know you need something to look lighter next to it, always swatch on the back of the hand first.

The other thing to consider is your shade, are you more pink (cool) or yellow (warm) toned? Your neckline is a dead giveaway in trying to decide your tone. With all this in mind, if you choose the wrong tone its likely to stand out against your neck.

Once you’ve worked out what tone and narrowed it down to two or three shades, use a clean finger and swatch the shades on your jawline, make sure you rub them in a little. This is so you can firstly see if it is in keeping with your skin tone on your face. But you will also know if it’s the correct tone as the jawline is closest to your neck. If the colour stands out, like a sore thumb, it’s not your match. But the colour that blends in best is your winner!

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