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Help your skin through the change in season

The weathers changed again and suddenly its coats and tights weather, you’ve also noticed your skins a bit dull or dry and it just doesn’t feel the same as it did a month ago!

Don’t worry ladies it not permanent! Its just the change in temperature mixed with the change in environment mixed with your skin trying to adjust!

The common issues are:

Skin looks dull – you’ve noticed your skin just doesn’t look as bright as before its texture is the same but it just appears a little sallow. To combat this kind of problem the best thing to do would be to add a couple of drops of highlighter or strobe cream to your foundation to brighten the appearance of skin again and give it luminosity.

Skin feels dry – I felt fine before but suddenly you are noticing dry areas of skin. And your foundation just doesn’t sit right…. Why is this? Well generally as the temperature drops the heating goes on and this has a drying effect on hair and skin. Here’s what to do combat it. Moisturise! I know it sounds obvious but your moisturiser applied all over the face will allow skin to feel more hydrated before you apply the rest of your makeup and will stop your skin absorbing the moisture or oils from your foundation.

Dryness with flaky areas of skin –  If your skin appears to be dry with flaky areas then carry out the first method. Then add a couple of pumps of moisturiser into your foundation to add a little luminosity to it to prevent it from ‘caking’ or ‘building up’ into the dry areas.

Severe dryness – if you are constantly feeling your skin and it feels rough to touch all over then the above methods are good BUT you need to up the intake of moisturiser. A rich emollient based moisturiser will assist to cure this. Lathering your face at night and then cleansing it off in the morning with start to reduce dryness over time.

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