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The secret to blemishes that we wont conceal

Who doesn’t have blemishes? Other than those photo shopped models? Everyone has some level of blemishes or uneven skin its completely normal we just need to know the best way to cover it, that’s all…

I’m going to give you the basics when it comes to concealing under the eyes and share all the little tips that make the big difference to the finished result for the most common problems.

Dark circles under the eyes – dark circles can be a little different as the tone of the concealer would need to be a peach tone to correct the purple and blue colours. The texture would need to be medium to a thick (so a cream or stick), nothing transparent will give you enough coverage. The best way to apply this is with your index finger. Pop your concealer onto your finger and lightly pat under the eye area in a V shape until its blended. Then apply foundation to the whole face and then repeat the first step to freshen and brighten under the eyes.  See concealing under eyes diagram for regular coverage.

If your dark areas are severe, apply an excessive amount of concealer under the eyes, from the tear duct in a curved motion towards the cheekbone and temple and the use a blending sponge to pat in until blended and then apply foundation. See concealing under eyes diagram for full coverage.

Concealer how to

Dry areas of skin under the eyes – if you suffer with broken skin or dry areas under the eyes it can make concealing really tricky. Using a concealer with a bit of hydration so something that is a little wet looking is usually the best option as the creamier or thicker ones tend to be difficult to blend in these areas and tend to sit unevenly. The best thing to do is to apply the concealer product onto the finger and pat under the eyes outwards towards the outer corner of your eye gently, then repeat until you are happy with the coverage. See concealer chart for types of coverage.

Concealer chart

Top Tips:

The brighter you want to look under the eyes the lighter the concealer should be in shade. Usually keep concealer 1 to 2 shades lighter than skin tone and foundation and 2 to 3 shades lighter for more dramatic brightening.

If you are unsure as to how transparent or sheer the concealer is pop it on the back of your hand and rub it in, if you can see through it or it looks dewy (wet) its coverage is going to be very light.

When you come to applying foundation after concealing be gentle and sweep the brush lightly so as to not move and disturb what you have just applied. A patting motion with your brush is best to avoid making it appear too heavy.

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