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You Glow Girl!

So you want to be a golden goddess but sadly we don’t have the sunrays here in the UK, or maybe it doesn’t matter how long you spend in the sun you still turn a shade of pink. Well don’t worry there is more than one way to get the beach babe look!

1. Fake it – we all know that the real way a tan without ageing or damaging your skin, from baking in the sun or sunbeds, is every girl’s best friend ‘The Fake Tan’. This is a great way to build colour on the skin and still feel like its natural. But can we just use our regular everyday tan on our faces?? The skin on your face is far more delicate and thinner than other parts of the body like arms and legs, so the products you use do need to be different. Some of the body products can be much thicker on consistency due to the emollients they contain (which create a film over the skin). It is wise to use something specifically made for the more sensitive areas of skin (which may be hypoallergenic or dermallogically tested). And to maintain the correct hydration and prevent build-up of the product over the skin and into the pores, this can indirectly make skin uneven in texture and harder for smooth makeup application. A couple of recommendations would be…. Instant Smooth Self-Tanning by Clarins great for people with a drier skin types. St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream for normal skin types. Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser for oily skin.

2.  Use an instant liquid tan – want the tan but don’t have the time? Well this is the option for you. You can use something light and sheer to deeper and full… what you get is the instant golden glow. The simple way to apply these are with your hands and all over skin like you would a moisturiser, giving you an instant bronzed effect, to wear naturally or with makeup. There are two options here a matt bronze (so you don’t look shiny) like the Dew The Hoola by Benefit this gives a fuller bronzed effect, like a natural tan. Other options are to go with a slight shimmer. Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer by Georgio Armani or Liquid Bronzer by Nars are great options if you have pretty smooth skin and want a sheer golden glow. Then for the very natural girl you could go for a dry oil with a little shimmer, like Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe, giving you glow with a hint of bronzed shimmer.  

3. Just Bronze up – want to turn your current makeup products to the golden glow? Well you can ….if you’ve had the mishap of buying a foundation a shade or two darker, this is where it comes in handy. Pull it out of one of your drawers and lightly buff into the skin with a stippling or buffing brush to keep it looking natural. For a more natural look, mix it with your moisturiser to lighten it and make it appear more sheer (glowing). To add extra glow mix your liquid highlighter into it too and give yourself the golden, shimmery glow (hey presto you’ve just made your own liquid bronzer!). If you’ve been lucky enough to always get the right shade then just use your current bronzer all over the face and then contour around hairline under cheekbones and under the chin for a deeper bronzed effect. And then to give yourself the glow with a highlighter (powder or liquid) down the nose and on the cheekbones. Sunbeam by Benefit is great for a golden glow or Soft and Gentle by MAC for a more champagne glow. The more you apply the more you will glow!  

So you don’t need to chase the sun to get the golden glow.…. happy bronzing ladies!

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