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4 makeup tips every ‘Bride To Be’ should read

From proposal to the aisle, the whole journey is making one choice after another. Some of you brides seem to take that right in your stride but for others the journey can be a little more stressful. 

So this month Makeup Doctor wants to give you some points and hints in the right direction about makeup and being the blushing bride. 

Why wear makeup at all? Well for years that’s what us ladies have done! And it makes us feel better. That aside, the main reasons though, are that our skin appears more even, our bone structure and features more defined and lastly makeup is magic it can be the difference between slimming your face or making lips appear fuller. But how do you know who to trust when it comes to being a bridal beauty … Let me help! 

1. Choosing someone to make makeup one less thing to worry about:

This is the most important one if you are looking to get someone to apply your makeup on the day then consider that you feel completely comfortable with them and have trust in their abilities. One top tip is to look at their own makeup and grooming does that inspire you? Also take a look at their work, is it unique for each person? Or does it look like the same look over and over this will tell you if you will get a bespoke look created or something more generic. Also is this person 100% reliable sounds simple but the last thing you want on your special day is to be let down and suddenly be faced with the worry of doing it all yourself. 

2. Choosing the right look:

With so many different makeup looks and ideas out there it’s hard to know what will look best on you. So a couple of things to consider would be, to look at images and ideas that fit with the theme and colours you have for your wedding. Start with each section of the face and each time you like an image, note that you like the blush or the lips or the eye look. Consider how you see yourself looking and be able to show or explain that with images otherwise it’s all open to interpretation. My biggest top tip would be to wear colours that fit your theme and suit you, wear more than you normally would for the photos but stick to feeling like you! There is a way of applying even the most natural of looks but with enough makeup to ensure it isn’t transparent to the flash photography.

3. Choosing the right products:

Your face is completely unique. How quickly a product wears off your face or lips will be different for each of you. So if you are being offered a brand you haven’t used before for your big day tread carefully. Most makeup artists will have a kit that will include their favourites but ensure you explain your skin and the things you usually find happen. Ie if you are always oily on the forehead how is this product likely to behave. My biggest tip here would be to have a trial. Getting ready for your big day usually comes with big expectations and if you’re the kind of bride that would be disappointed if it wasn’t how you imagined then you can be sure of what you are getting from the trial. The trial lastly allows you to see not just the look and if you feel comfortable with it, but also how the products lay and that they agree with your skin and lastly how long it will last. My top tip to my brides is have the trial in the morning!

4. Being picture perfect: 

Being photographed this is one of the main reasons your makeup is so important….

Being you and feeling comfortable on your big day IS the priority but if you want your photos to portray the makeup look you get on the day be prepared that you will need to wear a little more makeup than you are used to. The reason being the camera has a way of seeing through your makeup so the careful placement and layering techniques mean that your look will be fuller but will also ensure you are looking more even and perfected. Wedding photographer Mark Tattersall at Mark Tattersall photography says, “you often find that wearing your makeup in the day will look much fuller in ‘real life’ than it will on camera, but will always have a better finish on your pictures.” If you are in any doubt of this just take a selfie with your regular day to day makeup look and then do the same with the same look but fuller… I’m sure you will prefer the latter picture. This is also something to consider when it comes to bridesmaids as if they all apply their own makeup and are very natural or basic makeup wearers you will really see the difference between your look and theirs on camera.

Being you is the biggest key though, a happy bride is the most beautiful bride! 

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