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No More Brow Dilemmas

Brows are the single most searched for topic when it comes to the world of beauty and with the average woman forever trying to perfect her brows it’s good to share my expertise and the industry insights to the perfect brow for you!

The right shape is EVERYTHING – Brows are not one suits all and even the most experienced therapist will not necessarily trained in brow shape. Your natural features mean that your brow shape should flatter your entire face shape.

You should have

A ‘start point’ this is to slim the nose and face

An ‘arch’ to create space around the eyes and give you an eye lift

An ‘end point’ to enhance your cheekbones and help to sculpt your face

Having these 3 things can completely transform your face! See the feature image B) you can see the difference the right shaped brow has made to the face.

A tint can make ALL the difference – Fair or dark hair everyone has very discreet fluffy fair hairs around the brow area these can make all the difference. In the image below you can see the tint has completely made this models brows much fuller and every hair becomes the same colour to appear as a fuller brow.

Waxing does make hair grow – Two of the most common things I hear on the brow subject is “my brows don’t grow” and ” I’m not sure if I’ve got very much for you to do anything with?” The truth is sometimes that can be the case but with a specialist understanding your brow vision, the shape CAN be changed. Take a look at image C the hairs where the brows should start have grown over 4 weeks. In terms of the brows growing the more you wax (in the same place repeatedly) the more the follicles become stimulated to grow more hair. Take a look at the feature image (C)…. you can clearly see here that over time the hair has grown back fuller and sparse areas are much fuller!

A7 No more brow dilemmas .JPG


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