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The Perfect Pout

Everywhere you look and selfie you take often comes with the honorary “pout” it’s every girls accessory to whichever picture they pose in. So this week I want to talk about the Lips and how to get them looking pout perfect!
The thing I commonly hear that women want is “fuller lips”.
Creating fuller lips seems almost impossible without applying lipstick over the lip line, which seems to be a little trend at the moment. But we’re not going to do that, here is your step by step guide on fuller lips:

Step 1. Prime your lips. The smoother your lips appear and the more nude the shade of the lips, the fuller the finish and better colour payoff of the lipstick. Also the primer tends to help your lipstick stay on. You can use a lip primer or even a small amount of concealer.

Step 2. Line the lips. In the nineties we loved a bit of lip liner but as we left the nineties we seemed to come away from that trend. BUT lip liner is the one thing that will make a huge difference to the fullness and shape of your lips. Lining the lips will ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed into the skin and therefore creating a jagged edge around the lips. When choosing a lip liner, you should go for something one or two shades darker than your lip colour. Use a sharp lip liner and ensure the full lip is lined, women with slimmer lips can enhance their shape here by really curving the pencil round the Cupid’s bow. Showing a definite line will naturally make lips look fuller.

Step 3. Apply lipstick. You can do this all over the lips within the line you have just created. A top tip here is to use a lip brush and carefully get right up to the line of the lip liner. The more you apply the better the colour pay off too.

Step 4. Perfect the lips. Use a concealer and use a clean brush to sweep around the lips the contrast of your lipstick against the clean edges of concealer will really make them stand out. Wipe the brush and sweep around again to blend the concealer (if necessary). 

Step 5. Contour your lips. Use a bronzer on a small brush under the lip line as in the image, this will make your bottom lip look fuller. Now use a touch of highlighter on the cupids bow as per the image, this will make your top lip look fuller.

You don’t have to do all 5 steps you may just do 1-3 or 2 and 3 but once you have tried them, look at a picture of your lips before and look now…… They will be Pout Perfect!

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