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The Eye Dilemma

From Dark circles to fine lines, every girl has an eye dilemma!

So, let’s talk about it…. I’m going to share the top two eye dilemmas and YOUR simple solution.

At the top of the list “I’m getting dryness, lines, dark circles under my eyes”

Sadly, as we age this seems to happen, your skins natural elasticity reduces and the appearance of fine lines or skin appearing duller IS sadly the norm. But there is always something we can do, firstly start with an eye cream! Yes, you may need one, now don’t believe the far fangled tales of how you will miraculously look 10 years younger (ladies, we all know this is NOT true) you may see some improvement but don’t expect a miracle! The idea behind the eye cream is it will add moisture to this sensitive area of skin therefore reducing the visibility of fine lines and certain ingredients boost circulation to reduce dark circles. The top tip here is to not over apply…less is more when it comes to the eyes, and too much cream can mean puffiness under the eye area.  The amount you should use is about the size of a 1 carat diamond, it should be placed on your ring finger and gently patted at least half a cm south of the lash line, in the socket, and near the cheekbone. Repeat the patting motion and once the cream has nearly transferred to the skin move ring finger nearer lash line. You can go 360 degrees all the way around the eye socket and the patting motion will boost the circulation with minimum pressure using the ring finger.

And dilemma number two “my dark circles are very visible” a few top tips to solving eye dilemmas is all you need to make them pesky areas vanish. Once you have moisturised the area take a look in the mirror is the area you are looking at under the eyes red/pink or more purple/blue? Also is the skin here still uneven after moisturising? Or smooth and even? This is the important bit! All concealers have a different tone and formula. The trick is to get the right one for you! if you are looking to reduce redness then a yellow toned concealer is the way to go, however if you suffer with the purple/blue tones then a peach tone is more important as this is what covers purples and blues. The smoother the appearance after cream means you can use any consistency so a more matt finish concealer will be absolutely fine for you. on the other hand, if the skin is still uneven then a more liquid brightening (dewy finish) concealer will be a better option.

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